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Thursday, 21 May 2015

The tribes of Europe

John Trudell is one of the mens on Earth who truly innerstands what had happened to the white people. There is no hate or such thing in his words but only innerstanding. It is as he is saying it: The Inquisition (even followed by the plague) broke the white tribes finally down - after many many years of resistance. I cannot underline that often enough folks. It is not that long ago allthough it feels so long ago, only by about 500 years ago they seem to have broken the white spirit. People from the other races must know about that so that we can come together in order to lick our wounds together and overcome what he calls the disease, the influence of the flyers (Carlos Castanedas description) or the Djinns (Muslim`s description), the Archons (the description in the Nag Hamadi).  But there are those among the white race who still remember that past in our veins. I do so and I believe there are others who do so as well. These people have to spread that past in order of mass recognition. With other words there must be much of druids and Morgaines. Folks, all the tribes are now looking on us to lead mens out of the mess. Somehow we must get master over that disease because we suffered it the longest time. There must now come the biggest immunization out of the white tribes and they must find a way to communicate that towards especially the black tribes, who are under attack by initiated black racism. This may not happen. Let the black brothers and sisters know what our ancestors went through. They got and get delibaretly brought into separation from the white people by perma-drumming on the Slavery Times. Many black people have no idea neither how nor how lond the white tribes got tortured by all means but still gained some freedom back. I am sending love towards the yellow, black and especially the red noble people, who could hold on to humbleness.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

P3, Briton before the Romans came

by the way it happened to the nordic tribes just like for the Britons. The Saxons they are talking here about are Mercenaries of Rome employed as their Knights. The whole Europe had been a home for free and non-hierarchical living people. We were Druids - and we will be Druids again.