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Saturday, 25 April 2015

P2, My Love - The Trees, My personal understanding of Avalon

Wherever they came for destruction they would have attacked the Trees first. They would have destroyed the Trees of Knowledge and they would have destroyed also the main Tree of Life. They are Motherfuckers, so to speak. Their essence is Envy, on what? On our living experience within Earth, her fully Beauty. The exitement of experiencing the Sun-Shine, so that we are the shining onesThe exitement of the rain, so that we can refresh our s-elves . The exitement of the Fire which fuels us with energy and warm feelings. The exitement of the Winds which will give us fresh air and fresh inspirations and the earth new I-Graines: the uni-corn for new fruits. Isn`t Igraine the mother of the next morning or how the Germans say: Morgen .. like Morgain the Fay? Wasn`t she watered by Viviane, the Lady of the Lake? Shouldn`t Igraine`s Uther get impressed by the semen of the Pen Dragon Uther? Also the German word Euter , in English udder, refers obviously to Uther-us where Milk and Honey dwells finally into Mom`s breasts. Well, the term milk and honey must be seen already as an archontic destruction because Mothermilk is Honey, the onliest substance a newborn needs to get nurtured with. It is a secrete and therefore it got sacred. It is hidden in Mom`s body but not meant for secret societies whose members had made a mockery out of all what had been of natural access for every Earthling. It needed centuries of archontic destructions to damage the trees of life and knowledge, which belong together. But the Archons needed to get us into Believers without knowledge. No folks, the inner knowledge how things are and are not makes us sentient and graceful to Mother Earth and all the other devine aspects also she depends on. But the Abrahamsic Religions at least in their Roman-Greek Version twisted us, turned us from heal or holy into sick and evil (deadly behavior against ourselves and others). We are now facing many infants who never got/get their original honey or their honey destroyed by plenty of food toxins and vaccines. I am not talking feminist but sacred. What do you think: does it make a difference if a women gets loved with her husbands pen(is) or with a plastique stick?  The secret societies are finished with all of their destructions of natural law designed and given by Mother Earth. Hopefully the rest of mankind and all the other Earthlings are not finished but able to restore the origin. Hopefully they will be able to bypass the Free Mason lodges but get ledged in the trees of life and real knowledge, designed and given to us from within. Allthough some people might argue that natural law can be fixed by writings, I do not think so: no man or woman can give me something what was already given to me. They can only destroy it. And that it is what happened already. The medical fight against natural law is surely one of the best historical examples of it. Let me end this with a little quote: Fuck off you gangsters.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

P1, The Will to rule

Allthough people are dominating and killing each other about the holy question, who would be in the posession of the best GOD (Generator, Operator, Dominator/Destroyer), they all still need to use the truth (druid). So, even if they are in the posession of an Atomic Bomb, they could only come into that posession through truth. It is another question, if they would have shared that truth or had led it circle around excluding in secret societies. No one actually is more in need of truth than those who order so called Intelligence Services to spy on "everyone". What a pitty if another secret society would have had a better or more powerful Atomic Bomb - their prime influence would be in danger. And what a pitty again if things got that complex like a spyder-network that the poor Atomic Bomb Owner does not know, if really all of his spies are loyal to him. Even they were, at any time it could happen, that one of them accidentially talks the truth or a bit of truth. Shit happens, so to speak. No one can talk in Negation but everyone must constitute this or that (positive like: it is ... or something is not (still: it is) ). Let me give you an example: The sky is blue. The sky is not blue. The sky is grew. We can only alter these statements through time and space and some mixtures of colors: Yesterday the sky was blue. Today the sky is grew. Yesterday the sky over London was blue. Can you see it? So the only way to keep truth for ones own is to keep 100% silence. The problem is: You cannot build an Atomic Bomb Mister Rockefeller and Mister Rothchild. In order to get into the posession of such devices you needed to hire much of clever people until they all together found the clue. And how did they do it? Let me tell you that: they channeled that truth from the sky or the heavens or the source or the aether: it is there, hidden in plain sight for those who are asking. The thing of course is, that not everyone would be such dumb and ugly to ask for such device. This needs The Will to rule . It needs indeed the posession with the Will to rule, if it comes to such device of destruction which can finish everything, including their Rulership at least on Earth. Many people are wondering what that very name Rothshield could mean. Well, it must be pronounced different. Read Rotz .. child. So, we are talking about the most snottiest children this mankind can so far remember, at least for the last centuries. Dschengis Khan, from who those both snotty children descent, was of course also pretty well known as snotty child. He was well known as brother killer plus some few 40 Million people by his time. No wonder that the current snotty children loved to adopt the Judaic Religion. The story about Abel and Kain must have impressed them. Kain would not see much of justice for his crime unless that one to continue his life with a Mark and further brother murder. Well, as said already: Truth is stronger than everything. The German Deutsche Mark is gone already and the Toilettpaper by the name of Dollar is best known as out of value. Of course them snotty children think, at least hope, that they are still in control: are they? Let me tell you something: 1 lie needs 7 further lies to cover the first up. At a certain point the lies get such heavy that the whole lie-net must crash. No spyder can built such an overloaded spydernet and hope that it will not crash. It will, it did that already. Truth is breaking through all over. So the snotty children will go to the beginning and use the sword, won`t they? Open Terror. War on Terror did the public mon-key call out right after 9+11.  Unfortunately the Earth is still filled with not only one Snotty Child but with many. Children who want this or that and will not stop to want it and if they have to use force. If they cannot rule themselves they fall over others, they want to dominate them. That is the reason why we have so many bueroc-rats who can`t do anything of sense but enjoy to send out bills: You have to do this ... You have to leave that. I command you. We are facing an inner condition of mankind that has not yet learnt to use WILL to RULE him or herself but puts its frustration on others by dominating them. It is a pretty much childish condition, which we must overcome ... within ourselves. Folks are as stupid as their leaders. I know many people won`t like to hear that nor to consider it. But how do you think the Earth would look like, if we the people, would care and respect ourselves and others? This is not something which can be delegated to some few "elected" (chosen) ones even if these elections were real. It would not function well, if the governed ones don`t give a shit about things unless things turn worse against themselves. Mankind is living in that childish state which is called democracy .. let me better say we are living in demonstrated crazyness. Just think about that long time in which we are being sprayed with chemicals but huge amount of people don`t mind that; do not even watch up to the skies. Where are they? On Earth? Even a fish cares more about its environment than most of the people do. By governmental force they would probably care. I call such mindset The Will to be ruled! As more as someone had inhaled such mindset as more dangereous it gets when such person suddenly gets some power in society affairs. We are whitnessing these days how a bunch of cops are shooting on American citizens. The Will to be ruled turns into the Will to domesticate others just like that had been with the snotty child Dschengis Khan. Selfrulership is needed for what we need our own and real sword: to know what is good and what not and make that distinction by the use of the sword. To act on it and to be responsible for it. 
Another view to be considered:

Monday, 20 April 2015

P1, Why Morgaine?

Morgaine  "Le Fay" if not "the wicca" got placed into the mists of nowhere, never to be recognized, or shall we say "never again"? Had there been a time when she was well known in the open, even the leading spiritual force as  The Lady of the Lake. It is said 

"Merlin had met the Lady at the Fountain of Barenton (Brittany) and fallen so deeply in love with her that he agreed to teach her all his mystical powers."

But even though Wales claims to be the place where Merlin had met his love, Vivianne, we find      
Le Fountain of Barenton not in Wales but in La Foret de Brocéliande in nowadays France.  Well, latest since Asterix and Obelix we got at least an idea about the Druids, who did not want  to be dominated by the Romans. After all, the Romans went everywhere and so it is not really a matter of competition, if Merlin and Vivianne reigned in France or in Brittain. I guess they reigned in all Europe if not all over the Earth, including nowadays Germany, where I was born. Since the CeZars finally won, His Story is told excluding by them, the Victors. We are not meant to know as much as we like to know about our real ancestors. Better to let their ways be Fairy tales and to let us learn about Karl the Great, Caesar and Alexander the GreatThese boring stories used to have the smell of death. Anybody out there who really think that Jesus and Mohammed came in peace? They came as less in peace like the Mullahs came in peace to Africa, at least since the Romans adopted Jesus and Mohammed. They brought Slavery to the Europeans and to the Africans. Europeans got told to have been in the Stone-Age till the Romans brought some culture along. Africans got told to have been some kind of monkeys, while the real monk-keys established their Religions, the key to our enslavement. Their His Stories are as senseless as the story of Genesis in their scriptures.

I was taken out of a bone from a Man and was not born like this? 

What a ridiculeous story! Well, if the Pastors could teach such utter bullshit may be the same had been the case with the teacher who were teaching His Story? It would have cost me a lot of ignorance to finally accept these teachings as truth only because nothing else was told.  I did not have such much of ignorance. Nevertheless it took years till all that His Story started to show up not only as phantastic nonsense but also as cover up of gruesome terror which should intentionally spoil the Genesis of Mankind as Love between Women and Men and their children. Finally even Romeo & Julia would appear more romantically than the current judaic storm of Homosexuality and Pornography. Is it the jealeous Evil Morgause (Morgaux), who had  killed Vivianne, who is still reigning over mankind? 

Feminism obviously did not correct anything to the better but even made things more worse. It is also time to understand that the Aristocrats never went that patriarchic. Mankind had suffered a lot of Evil Queens since the CeZars came in power. 

Morgaines son Mordred killed his own father King Arthur, Morgaines Half Brother, to please his Foster Mother Morgaux and to get her King Mother. Conceived by incest and fostered by Jealeousy and the Will for Power the Bloodlines of Mankind got probably finally spoiled with Evil Beings. Of course we are working to prevent this. Blood is considered to be the fluid which combines the Spirit with the Body (see the link). 

How many times the true genesis which knows only love, was corrupted through the will of some few Psychopaths just to hold power over others? This blog is looking for secrets to be discovered and inspired in the Mists of Avalon, which might lead us into the means of black, white and red magick. We are facing these days the horror of childsacrifice getting into the open and are probably about to also suffer the legalisation of pedophilia. It is pretty much time for Gaia`s Correction and to get rid of Mary, the successor of The Lady of the Lake, who had been vivid like water and is coming to life every Morgain (In German this term means simply "der Morgen": "the Morning", or the "tomorrow") out of the Darkness of the Night. The Film In the Mysts of Avalon, which I urge you to see and download, we find a lot of keys how the Monks got Mon-Keys by pure Evil Magick. It is said that the Druids were guilty of human sacrifice, over and over it is that what gets claimed, if the reign of the Druids get mentioned anyway. I used to think that this is not true allthough I can imagine that they had another simple way of bloodsacrifice: 13 times a year by the periods of women. How could the Number 13 get a number of pitch unless when a certain women were meant by force to conceive an heirs of future power? A year includes actually 13 cycles which all women pass through till fertilisation. Ordinairy women got about 10-12 children in earlier days. They would not have had reasons to get mad about a phase of not being pregnant. Such reasons only existed within the Aristocrats, who arranged marriages for the single reason to hold, gain or grow power. 

You see, there are many things to be re-studied which concern the huge topic of Genesis meaning how life comes into existance, gets flourished but also destroyed, if instead of truth (druid) bullshit enters into the society. We are facing much of his storical corruption. It is time to restore truth (druid).