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Monday, 27 February 2017

Let us reason a bit about races and racism, part 3

What meets the eye should be obvious and is by the way part of the definition of science. Science operates on observation and experimentation, which both together bring solide proofs that something is or is not, can be done or cannot be done. It is also intertwined if not based on desire, will power and imagination. That simply means, if you have no desire to cook your food in a vessel but feel comfortable to either eat raw food or food which you prepare in or over fire, then not even the imagination of something like pottery enters your (inner) eye let alone any trials to produce it. For the last part you do not only need the desire but also the power of will so that you can endure your experimentations till you get a result according to your wishes. 

Unfortunately many people came to believe (meaning: to be lied to) that science would be something for experts, who I prefer to call story tellers because most of them are seldom the inventors of something, let alone of something useful for mankind; par example most folks in modern medicin. Most of their "science" is simply quackery; it works but different than you thought it would. Accept a chemotherapy and know that by 97% you will soon be dead after a good while of tuff pains. So, unfortunately science can also be used to poison or kill you.

May be you have had invented a nice building, something like a castle or palace. Could well be that another one cannot do this by him own but desires to have it. So medicin used to float between good and evil, at least for a very long part in his- and also our-story. Of course there are other scientist who are doing well in all categories mentioned above. Many of them die by unusual death, in case that we can still classify murder as something unusual. So you should not be gullible and believe into any of them experts till proven to you,  that they really are, what they pretend to be.

Hopefully you can see that science must be and is in fact also part of your own life? At least, I guess, you change the doctor, if he had killed already most of your familymembers, don`t you? So you got a desire of staying alive in best case also healthy and the will power to endure the experimentations ... on your family members ...till you find a result which meets your wishes (your survival). Unfortunately we must find these days that many people do not match the criterias of science any longer. You can almost give them any kind of poison, another pill or a smart phone: they are finished. We can only hope for a kind of resurrection for them. Otherwise we must admit:
Cro-Magnon is nearly dead, hopefully those with more European Neanderthal DNA can overcome those kind of experimentations which once  might have startet with some sort of romantical love. In case of the Red Indeans this went horrific astray.

Well, who could have resistet such beautiful ding ding? I could not! And this might have been the sweet result in other cases of strong attractions. But the story tellers about those sweet results prefer of course other stories than those which meet the eyes. Well let me tell you my story, which is always based on :

What meets the eyes is obvious! 

Black people are different from white people. Do I need to mention that they as well as white people are different from yellow people? Well I am not that sure how the red man fits in: Are they Neanderthalensis (white man) or Homo Sapien Sapiens (black man) or Denisovans (yellow man) or all of it or an entire own specie?

Let me stay with what I know by observations and experimentations (please note, that humor is not given to everyone. The thing is that I had white lovers as well as black lovers and that sums up to observations and experiences). So let me talk about Neanderthalensis and Homo Sapien Sapiens and their love for each other. Love? Yes, of course! It fucking happened. Again and again! Sometimes secretely and probably ending like in Romeo & Julia because the Bloodlines of them did not agree into their love and it also happened by force due to slavery, arranged marriages and voodoo.

Meanwhile by the way you should know that slavery was not an invention of white folks but white folks were rather those who finished it, at least in the countries of their influence including most of the African countries. Please black people get your facts clear out of a black mens mouth (somehow he got a Jew???) and stop insulting white people as being guilty for that shit. It is called by the way racism, to put guilt on an entire people; things get even more bad, if not only the whole race (or specie) gets spoken guilty for some of their members guilt but despicable, if the freedom, which was gained so far, was reached by those, who some of you relentlessly accuse based on lies while enjoying their achievements. But these notes move now into topics beyond biological affairs and will be discussed in another post, probably as part 4 of this little serie. Let us get back to the biological affairs.

What is it, that meets the eyes so that we can differentiate between species and/or races? There are of course the obvious signs like the colour of skin, the colour of hairs and the colour of the eyes.

Neanderthals, as more original or pure they are, do not have black skins, nor black hairs, nor black eyes. They have either blond, ashblond, ginger or brown hairs, which are not complete soft and flat but from a bit soft and flat to curley but still soft hairs. The colour of their eyes are blue, grew, green or brown - sometimes even a mixture of those colours. All non-Neanderthals have black hairs and at least brown if not even black eyes. Asians and Red Indians (North- and Southamerica) have flat and soft black hairs while black people have as the onliest race (or specie) black Rastas, which are much stronger structured than the hairs of all other folks. No one could so far explain somehow reasonable how the black race, if the Out-of-Africa-Theory would be true, could manage to transform those genetical markers in those of the other races and why this should have appeared. Even if their hybrid children are opposed to Northern Climates no changes of the black genetic markers appear than those given by the Neanderthal or Denovian. In most cases the curley rasta hairs are even dominant. But I have seen also a girl with strong blong curley but soft Neanderthal hairs with otherwise much of black-people markers, just like those children shown already above.

Apart from those commonly well known genetical markers of the races/species there are much of other differences between them, which make the Out-of-Africa-Theory even more unbelievable. A pretty dominant marker is that of the bottom. Anyone with eyes knows that only black people have bottoms which are much stronger and outstanding than those flat bottoms of Neanderthals and Denisovans. This is not a secret. Some black tribal people even have strong outward going soles. Then again we find something pretty significant. Black Africans have more and denser skin layers than the other races. The list of all what meets the eyes could be continued but is not intented by this author. Intended is, that readers check the facts and do not pretend that we are all equal though we are obvious not equal. I had been with my black spouse at a doctor where a bloodtest should be done. This got somehow funny because the medical stuff did not know how to enter the needle into his skin. The lady was scared to death to probably hurt him but also shocked that her normal approach of the needle did not function. Only when I told her, that he has more skin layers than white people have, she got couraged to put much more force on the procedure. I hear you crying ... but please hold on: No, my friend could not speak for him own because he spoke French. In Germany this language is not commonly spoken, okay???? You see how Cultural Marxism works? It enters like a viruse in peoples brain so that they cannot base anything naturally on what meets their eyes and senses. And in some medical emergencies such non-sense can be pretty dangerous as you can see by the given example. You would not have such mental confusions, if dogs from different races or even species like wolf-dogs were concerned, would you?

To complete this little lecture on differences between the races/ethnies/species, you should also know, that we react naturally shy and even frightened towards people from other races/species. All of us, alike if Neanderthals, Denisovans or Homo Sapien Sapiens feel like that way even if many white people would pretend (according to their brainwashings: We are all the same...) as if they were not shy nor scared at all.

But the reality of the different Species/Rases are so seriously embedded into our nature (inner knowledge), that at first contact we cannot even see the differences between the people of foreign specie. All black people seem to be look alikes, all asians seem to be look-alike- and vice versa, if they see white people. At first, the differences are so overwhelming that naturally inner distance and a sort of self defence occurs but cultural marxist will have you believe otherwise. Like other ethnies/species/races please my fellow white Neanderthals, free yourself from cultural marxism and their mind controland agendaWe are living in times in which you will need to defend yourself. You will be perceived as what you are and so you should also perceive and act based on your intuitions: they will show you, if things are really friendly, pretended as friendly or whatever.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Let us reason a bit about races and racism, part 2

We have found already the definitions for the terms specie and race in part 1.

The term race ( now leaving the other uses out) appears to be a subcategory under the term specie, isn`it? Let us have a deeper look into that in the animal world.

Source of the picture 

You might wonder what had happened, if you are among the elder generations. Noop! No more races ... Remember that we learnt already from Encyclopedia Brittanica, that this "social contruct" had to disappear and so it did, at least concerning the term. Because the Bear came into my mind as a good example to explain the order between specie and race, I just felt into the trap by my first google-click. We do not use that term anymore but specie instead. Look it up under The Eight (8) Bear species of the world.

What again had been the definition for a specie?

"Species, in biology, classification comprising related organisms that share common characteristics and are capable of interbreeding."

That means each of these Bear species can interbreed among themselves, or what? Let us look into this as well. Ups, suddenly we find another one ... Cappuccino Bear Probably you cannot understand German, so let me translate what it is being told by the German story-tellers: 

Scientest would classify this bear as hybrid between Ice-Bear and Grizzle Bear. Allthough this would sound funny it is in reality alarming, so they say. Scientest were thinking before, that the Ice-Bear and the Grizzle-Bear were not able to interbreed, at least their children would not be able to co-create. But all by a sudden Capuccinos of the second generation would be seen more and more... and now sit down, the point of the story comes: The Climate Change would be responsible for that. Guess the heat among their genitals made them hot, or so. And this would end up with the Grizzly as being the hotter one (?????? ask them story-tellers for their logic) However (for what we get no explanation) finally only some genes of the Ice-Bear would be left within the Grizzly-Bear. 

Does that sound familiar? Neanderthal is ringing in your brain? 

Or probably these question? 
White Genocide
Will the Brown Grizzly overtake?  
Africa for Black people alone? Sure? 
Or will it be more The Cappucino one

Let us ask Judas

Judas needs some sort of climate change; so now we know. The program is easy, at least to understand: Make people believe, that sinner-man-made Climate Change kills the Ice-Bear, so that it is better to block the sun and vaccinate the clouds ...and kill as much as Species as even possible, at least reduce them seriously but especially the Neanderthal. Let us find a reason like an emergency which looks like 911 and will give a perfect excuse to kill enough Arabs, so that the rest of them feels motivated to overrun the Neanderthal because he -the Neanderthal- will be constantly blamed for all what had happened worse. This liar agenda had been running since some decades and is called the Kalergi Plan. Constantly especially the black people got told, that they were enslaved by White Supremacy and this got channelled into the racial hatred against white people performed by Black Life Matters in the US and into a special kind of going along with Feminism and the Islamic Idea of world domination. It needs a kind of small thinking -I guess- to integrate all of these bullshit ideologies in one head but it really functioned. And it did not only function among black people but also among white people. May be we find some answers why this functioned here or here. May be a more simple answer is idiotism, which did not yet disappear from mankind. The Pied Piper Phenomen is known since a long time. I remember how we as children used to rhyme: Doof bleibt doof, da helfen keine Pillen (it means: Stupid remains stupid, no pills will help about it). Unfortunately the opposite is the case: pills and vaccinations help to stupify entire nations.

But back to Neanderthal. Were they part of the specie Homo Sapien Sapiens? In clever Wikipedia we learn, that Mankind had been classified from 1930 till 1990 as Homo sapien sapiens (meaning more clever than the homo sapien - the apeman) while the Neanderthal was classified as Homo sapien Neanderthalensis. Since 1990 Neanderthalensis does not count any longer as part of the Human specie. Clever Wikipedia tells us that Neanderthalensis now gets classified as apeman under the name Homo Neanderthalensis. Wow, the one with the big brain got declassified: not even a bit Sapien (wise, intelligent) is honored to him anylonger. Let us have a look at his brain again.

The skull on the right side is that one of Neanderthal. Do not know about you but for me it looks a bit like Pharaos head - at least concerning the seize. See another one here. And it does not look like this. But especially it does not really sound very clever to me why someone with a small brain should be more clever than someone with a bigger brain. The skull does not look like the head of this guy either. The Neanderthalensis skull and body does instead look for me more like the one of those who could have built Megalith buildings.

You see, something special happened, when they had found the Neanderthalensis Skull. The German Government could not hurry on faster to get the place digged under. The Grave looks now like this.
Could it be, that these people were hiding the white mens origin? Could it be that we, the white people, are at least hybrid-descendants of Neanderthalensis? And could it be that the death of that Ice-bear is such urgent for Judas because Neandethalensis is finally too strong and will overcome their desire to enslave the whole population? Meanwhile they could at least not hide any longer that only Europeans and Euraseans have Neanderthalensis DNS. For now and till part III,  I will leave you with the following video to let you overthink and research by your own, if it could be, that white Europeans are the descendants of the Neanderthals.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Let us reason a bit about races and racism, part 1

Sometimes the definitions of words brings clearity along, meaning more facts than opinions. I prefer facts over opinions, especially in these crazy days, when sheer everyone is pulling out all kind of opinions but escpecially when the facts are talking too loud. In such cases you can easily get attacked with the phrase: "but it is my opinion". This simply means: "I am out of facts" or "I cannot refute those facts (you mentioned) and so I will shut you down with my opinion." 

And they, who talk like that, mean it. See here what the word opinion actually means. It is a choice of someone, what would not be a problem in itself but is also used in a reasoning or debate as mentioned before; so it can also include, that the person does not mind facts, if they could shine some light on that persons intentions. 

An honest -also for others well meaning- person does not attack you with his or her "opinions". In all my life I never ever experienced someone clean hearded referring to his or her "opinion", when facts were presented; never, not even a single time within 60 years. 

People, who stated their opinion (But it is my opinion!!!), did I only experience, when they needed to shut down the presentation and debate of facts. So, I wonder why we got the constitutional right to declare our opinions. I would rather prefer people to shut their mouth, if they do not have anything to say, what it is based on facts. Such people are usually at least pretty dumb or lazy; well, laziness and stupidity belong to each other. So we do not really talk about something like a democratic process or what it is commonly associated with the word "democracy", when we talk about the right to speak our opinions (let us spare out the genesis and definition of "democracy" in this post, or things will get endless).

Lately we could all see such demonstrations of factless opinions in their final stage in the US (Source of the picture). Please also spare me out of that mindless and factless "debate", if the orange masque wearing president is worse than the black masque wearing president, who both follow the same master; next to Iran and always in the name of ISRAEL. In the US those "presidents" can tell the people the same Agenda without even changing a bit of the main words; it doesn`t matter. It is part of their meaningless elections to have big ballaballa shows over the period of 1,5 years, when the flag will be skaken and America is super will be used as a Mantra. By the time Obomber got hailed, the Mantra had been: Yes, we can! WOW, I bow down to such kind of intelligence: America is super this time again versus Yes, we can. This last time even the best comedy show could not compete with that kind of "ballaballa" based on nothing than that the (transgender) show must go on. 

Any robot can speak out opinions which are not based on facts nor on care for the wellness of the concernced people. So, such opinions usually also do not concern our beloved enemies (Elites or however you want to label them, who love to hide themselves). Indeed the opposite is the case: those beloved enemies love it, if most people  just talk "opinions" based on nothing sometimes not even on a specific intention than the one to bloek like a sheep.  Nevertheless and because I am going to touch the holy words race and racism, I better make my legal statement, that I am expressing my considerations and my opinions. Concerning certain feelings like "being offended" please watch this.

What is a race? In many dictionaries you will find slightly different meanings for the term:
1. "a strong current of water"
2. "run in competition against"
3. "people of common descent"

In the LEO-Translator you find a much longer list of meanings. But essentially you find also there the main characteristics of the term, that x is fluent and can occur in competition to another x and that races refer to generations, meaning tribes with a timeline which includes past, present and future. So far, nothing that complicate to understand, till it comes to the so called human species. 

The term Species is defined as follows:

"Species, in biology, classification comprising related organisms that share common characteristics and are capable of interbreeding."

But as nearer we enter into the NEW WORLD ORDER biology seems to disappear, at least for the human species. And so we get declared by the Encyclopaedia Brittannica, that science had it all wrong so far and that genetic studies would refute the concept of races; they were all a kind of made up (social constructs) beginning in the 15th centuries. WOW. They even declare us in that article that that concept never existed at all ... only in that period from the 15th century till lately. So now, I guess, we are correcting mankinds mistakes. Not only do we declare the genders as social constructs but also the races. They simply do not exist! We came all out of Africa where Lucy bred us into existance (In the Bible of course we get more the straight transgender version: we were made from Adams rips).

Allthough we had not been such much of people in those first Homo Sapien days in Africa some of our ancestors got the silly idea to move into such regions like Siberia. They did not fly, they did not drive, they went there and to many other places. That is the current still running Out-of-Africa-Belief, sorry ...I wanted to say science. The problem now is: Where -par example- do we put Neanderthal? Somehow he got into our genes before he died out some 30.000 years ago. Ups, noop - this is also not anymore true. They died out earlier, about 60.000 years ago. But the problem remained anyway: why did they die out? The scientist did not want to tell us such a story that Homo Sapien Sapien would have genocided them, so they tell us that this was physically not possible. With other words we- the Homo Sapien Sapiens- were weaker than the Neanderthalers. They had not only bigger brains but also stronger bones. See that here on the left side you see homo sapien sapiens. Don`t you think - the Neanderthals must have also been better adapted to the European region than the Newcomers from sunny Africa? 

For that very question the storytellers came up with the idea that the brains of the Newcomers from Africa had been smaller but more clever. How did they get that story together? Please study the already linked article once again so that you get a proper idea about science. They are really telling us, that Neanderthals had to focus too much on getting some light through dark Europe for what they needed to grow big eyes. And those eyes would have taken too much of braincapacities away. So, now we got it: The obvious bigger brain of the Neanderthals needed to be made somehow smaller so that Homo Sapien Sapiens could appear more clever. Is that science, racism or just well paid stupidity? Read ....

"By contrast, modern humans, from sunny Africa, had no need for this adaptation and instead they evolved frontal loves, which are associated with high-level processing. ´More of the Neanderthal brain appears to have been dedicated to vision and body control, leaving less brain to deal with other functions like social networking," Pearce told BBC News."

Well, these storytellers forgot to tell us how the Sunny Boys from Lucy in Africa, who did not evolve big shining eyes nor strong Neanderthal bodies, could then cut themselves through the dark forrests of Europe ...let alone that Facebook and other Social Medias had not yet been installed those days. The story reminds me on the story Cancler Merkel is promoting these days: All the non-European Sunny-Boys, who are coming these days to Europe are well educated specialized stuff. Could well be, that we get the fresh Neanderthals here in Europe and the Sunny-Boys from everywhere else get Homo Sapien Sapien Sapiens least the outcome of their seeds. So please World let it be known, that no one in 30.-60.000 years need to ask what had happened to us; please make notes and preserve them well for Homo Sapien Sapien Sapiens.

"Our leaders had had pretty small brains but therefore huge pockets. They would take and do everything to remain rich and get richer. So they let other people into our areas. They wanted them to kill us, so that they could take everything we sweat for. Some of those invaders were yellow, others were light-brown and others again were dark brown. And they were many. There had not been enough space for them and us and so they first raped us and then killed us and then each other because they did not know how to enlighten our forrests". Edited by Neanderthals 2.

After this little praxis education in the topic of race and racism let us get back to the theory. We have already learnt that

"Species (are), in biology, classification comprising related organisms that share common characteristics and are capable of interbreeding." We now must also understand that interbreeding can happen by consent or ...

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Shapeshifting Reptile or just a Transgender?

By now you will of course know about the shapeshifting Reptilean theory relatively freshly presented by David Icke, which of course got  presented already in the Abrakadabra Religions, how I used to call them from time to time. Well in those religions you find Demons and you find Djinns and you find the Reptile which loves to tell Eve that it is well to eat from the Tree of Knowledge ....and that knowing something should have brought along the downfall of mankind. Okay, who wonna believe that we shall not use our brain in order to gain knowledge, obviously believes that the Creator gave us a brain for nothing. I can`t help those people, really not. They are as "gone" for me like all those, who are cutting genitals - own and other peoples genitals like even those of own children. Some kind of mindparasite must have biten them but no Reptile. 

Though I do not deny the existance of beings who are dwelling in other dimensions; I am denying so far (meaning until proven otherwise) that they would be able to shapeshift their bodies so that they can live in their own as well as in our dimension. 

But things do get a surprizing shapeshifting turn when you suddenly get aware, that you were actually looking at men when you were made thinking they were women. So, please have a look at my famous Transgender-Man ..... The show is great, not so? The whole house is filled with Trannies and Homosexuals and what have you. Cher does not even make a secret out of it (anymore).... while also giving his Baphomet-Sign. Really sorry, he would have been a really attractive man but for some reason he were chosen to get castrated and got to suffer the consequences. Wonna see him when he was younger? Here, have a look. Let us move on to his castrato collegue Tina Turner

It is of course my opinion and part of my fluent feelings to perceive Cher and Tina Turner as men, who got turned around into people who are looking somehow like women. So I must probably apologize but how else can I call someone than according to how I perceive him or her or it? I do of course not wish to offend anyone and get all the Cry Out VooHoo Meow which is really extra ordinary in these days in Canada. Have a look: Ready? It is here and also here. Meanwhile the LGBT Community has created something like 40 or more Pronouns according to how someone perceives him or her or whatever self

So I guess this also applies to my perceptions of other people. They changed .... over times. When I was still young I actually thought that those people, who are presented to us in TV as men or women, must have been what they said to be. But many times I got confusions about what I then would be, if Tina Turner is a woman. A man? What do I have to do to get such short hip area, such strong muscular  legs and such huge head on strong shoulders? How much do I have to smoke even more to get such manly voice? Things do not get me fit into the gender I feel to be born in. Things are somehow strange like in Little red riding hoodGrandmother why do you have such big ears? Well folks, you know the answer, do you? Be aware that you or one of your children does not suddenly land in the PizzaGate where some strange folks do not know how to get satisfaction otherwise.

Though I do not promote the Abrakadabra Religions I must overhand you now in order of further investigations to Apostle Laura Lee who has made so far the best transvestigation videos and explains you all you need to get aware off, so that you can see and do not get fooled any longer. Let us start with the orange President of the US and his special entertainment for us. That little entertainment also gets you clear that all the democratic ballaballa in the US is just a show so that you continue to think there would be significant differences between a black president and an orange president: the next approach is IRAN. And if you are an American you better do not pray for that approach because you will be finished not the Iraneans who could well be at the top of the food chain. ISRAEL is just a project and somewhere the Pharaohs must hide who tell the chosen ones what to put in the holy books. So now start your transvestigations, learn first on Russsell Brand and go through Apostle Laura Lees channel. She shows you a lot more. Another one Channel which is showing you things straight into your face you find here and here. Now let us learn about discrimination here. Finally let us get back to my current famous Transgender Men Cher.

The Germans

Born after so called WWII in Germany I like all my german comrades got educated by the victors of the war. They wrote the books and they told the teachers what to teach and what not. To get a vivid impression of that nice idea of our re-education have a look into this masterwork of lies of the time. Here you get part 2. The funny part though had been: we, the children, who would receice the education of the victors, would not be told anything about that. That probably could have caused some ???. Probably not even our parents got informed that their children will be brought up against them, of course not. I remember how shocked my Mother looked at me, when I confronted her with the Jewish question and how all that could have happened. " We did not know anything about that" had not only been my mothers answer but the answer of nearly all parents. Of course, so we were thinking, they need to hide their crimes, otherwise they would remember. I also did not want to hear any kind of complaint about my mothers and her family refugee situation. They got bombed, raped and frozen out of Eastprussia. I remember how my mother told me that they left their farm and home with Liesel, the horse, who had to carry them all: the grandparents, the 7 daughters: within siberean temperatures over a small ice-road over water (Haff) and under bombs. All of them Eastgermans got driven out of their homelands, in long tracks with those horses they would run to the west and try to survive. Knowing if the Russian Red Army Soldiers would get them, they would get raped and then embodied, crucified or otherwise killed. Not knowing of course what the West would have to offer, it had not been better. Hellstorm had been created for the Germans. But I would not accept my mothers claims for pitty ....because I was re-educated. I had been swalling that poisoneous pill that our parents were the biggest murderers the world ever got to face: Nazis.

Our parents would not say a word again. What else should they do? Even they were facing how their children got alienated to them, they would be quiet, not knowing what more worse could happen to their children within the re-education-system. I remember how all the parents had been pretty scared about the socialworkers from the youthdepartments, who could take children away. Probably they did the right thing by being quiet and pressing their tears down, what made them all looking somehow frozen. This face used to scare me because I would of course not know how to interprete it. So we got the perfect  rebellious generation lateron, we would not accept parental authority. But, and that might not have been part of the Re-Educators intentions: We would not accept the State either. At least many of us. Out of something from within we would start to question things. But the enemy within would have noticed already that we got out of line and so we got bombarded with the curses of the Frankfurt School.. We would get socialistic minded. Many of us at least. America infected also themselves. Indeed things emerged into a war on the West or easier said into the war against the entire white race. However the centre in it all was the war on the Germans. Benton Bradberry  gives a good survey to begin with. Please do not forget: Nationalsocialism is still socialim and got used in fact already on my parents as well as on the Russean people.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Dialektik: Thesis and Antithesis

I hope that people finally understand, that we get constantly manipulated with smokescreens created by the same source to bring people against each other. Things are created by the same means: our (mankinds) beloved enemies are constantly creating at least  two opposing sides including their mindsets (thesis and antithesis), so that destabilisations and -following those phases- wars can be induced. Big money and the power over mankind is the result. People can understand that only if they do a big step outside of the mind-box shown on the picture. People must understand that the same cube is built in Mecca and also constitutes the Cross of the Christians. If you listen these days to the leading priests of these religions you find them all preparing their religious followers for the finale days, the Armageddon, and who will finally build the temple in Jerusalem. We can all see how our beloved enemies through the whore of Babylon (US) attacked the Middle Eastern Countries since 911, when it got time to bring in the final harvest before the Interest Rates of the States would finally collapse so that real values would have to be handed over. 

Our beloved enemies are playing Monopoly with the people of the world. And none of us is holding the Bank, do we? Meanwhile at least the intelligent people of all countries should have understood, that all the States are under the command of the same source and their only duty is to create debt for their citizens by the way of borrowing fiat money and fraudulent taxes. These frauds would of course not function, if our beloved enemies would not be protected by armed forces, which can be used to control people within a specific State (police) and those armed forces who can be used to storm into countries to take their real values. It is a big sucking machine built on 3 levels: the banking system, the armed forces and religions. The religious groups of course get people "hot" when finally things get brought to the point of collapse: for their god they will move out and kill those who follow the wrong God or even no God. You can easily see these games, if you put yourself into your mind into some kind of spaceship and whatch the whole Globe (even those who are actually busy with thinking that the Globe is actually flat). You can see how since 911(the emergency call) the Middle Eastern countries got attacked, one after the other one by all sorts of lies and without any grace. It is specifically sad that the Whore of Babylon (US) is still not able to understand how they get played like the Romans, who were attacking all the European indigenous people once. Those days they also installed Christianity. Get it folks: it is not the original European Religion and it was not taken by the indigenous people of Europe by free will. This never happened. It took the Romans (roman by the way means novel, so you better get it: we are dealing not only with crucial armed forces but also with storytellers) some 1000 years to finally overcome the free indigineous European folks and get them to bow down to Christianity, meaning their always jealeous God Jehovah. This god did not change because of Jesus! Jesus was given to make the European folks defenseless. Armed forces cannot control people for a long while but must eat, do they not? Mercenaries are asking first for food from their masters before their will ask for their share on Jewelry. So they need the occupied folks to work and pay taxes. And so they need them to believe into a savior: that at least after the hard ship on Earth things might get better in heaven. Jesus then would bring them into the paradise - the afterlife, as if there were no paradise right here on Earth, at least without these berserkers, these criminals, who created terror all over the world. Jesus did not die for you nor me, he did not exist but in creation of those sources who also created Jehohav, the always jealeous God. Especially Americans should get now better aware that this is so, an illusion which was given to the occupied and terrified indigeneous European folks by the Roman-Tellers and their armed forces: as a means of further terror (you will die on the Cross like Jesus) and also something to cling on when getting tortured. The same thing got established within the Arab world by the way of Mohammed, another savior for the same purposes. The Pope is very right when telling you that there is essentially nothing different between Christianity and Islam. The differences which we know nevertheless do not come out of Christianity but the opposition to it by the European folks and clinging on their own values as before Christianity (so far possible). These Roman-Storytellers know this and they also know how deeply they got the folks on Earth into sheepledom; it might have got even boring to them berserkers over the centuries. So now they are up to their next big kick: much more blood than ever,. the worldwide desaster they wish to create. They are flooding now all the Muslims into Europe and Northamerica and Australia for the next big Hallelujah, the crash of civilisations: Christianity versus Islam. And as more sheeple fanatics there are  (those who ever believed in those Roman-Jewish-Storytellers) as more we will have to deal with by the bloodshed they wonna cause. Don`t you ever get it? Hope you do in time. I am talking to you America! Stop your wars on the Middle East; you have been attacking lateley Irak, Lybia and Syria ....and your new Savior (this time in orange masque) talks already from the next attack against Iran. Please, at least if you are a white man of European origin, put your religious bullshit down and defend your people over there, your families. Understand that the Bible and the Koran are re-written books who in reality were talking once about the Stars, the Sun (Jesus) and the Moon (Mohammed) and Medicin (how the human body is built) aside other science.