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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Paganism, Heathenism and the Religions, part 03

Why neither Christians, nor Communists/Socialists are going to be helpful in the ongoing days but rather the opposite. Well you might ask, why I do not mention the Muslims. The answer is pretty simple: Christianity and Islam are both designed by the same pen, meaning the Authors of Judaism. And so you also find the same basic stories in their scriptures, the same prophets and the same horrific and insane outcome.

Monday, 5 June 2017

False Flag and mass genocide, some words in between.

Many people in Europe still do not get the whole picture. This is probably the case because of the Flat Earthers. They get really aggressive about their statement while we hear nothing from them about the things which are going on in the Paradize otherwise called Mother Earth. At least Pagans are calling Mother Earth the paradize, while the Monotheists are still looking for the paradize elsewhere than on Earth. However ...the Flat Earthers might be forced to leave "the disc" before they got chance to see all her beauty.

Let us leave the Flat Earthers alone, we have enough to do with the rest of the burden on our backs. Allthough I do not like the term "most people" because I really do not know "most people", I guess that most people never knew anything different from Mother Earth than their birthplace, not even their homeland. This also applies to Europeans and Americans: are they poor? Probably. Or they are unable to travel. Especially among the young people we have those who are frightened to go from one town to the next. This is no joke but the outcome of the Smart-People-Generation. Soon they could end up on a flat disc or usb-stick. If Transhumanism gets more aggressive they will for sure be the first who can be targeted to accept internal chips. I should better say their parents got already targeted birth in hospitals. No one actually knows what it is in all the vaccines they are giving the children. What about the stupified pet holders who could not count 1 and 1 together? In the name of love they allowed their pets to be chipped and castrated. Well, that is the program also for humans, those who are not planned to be genocided in the first place such like the many Arabic and African People but to get Bio-Robots. Let us call it complete slavery because there is no other word for this. Well, on long hand it is not going to happen ... Mother Earth will kill them degenerates simply off because she did not design people with free will for no reason and among those reasons had not been that free will to be a robot. Such people are a threat to mankind, indeed to all Earthlings so they will be finished. So all you dumb people out there, feel free to get a human or count with your elimination. I indeed do not have any problems with your elimination if you continue as stupid as that, really not.

So, having said that, I should also say something about their stupified forebearers who accepted to give their life and that of their children away to the TVs. Allthough it is nice from time to time to watch a good film it should be obvious that there is no more own life if people are doing their lives mainly in front of TVs. 

These things had been the forebearers of False Flag attacks. Allthough all wars got started with False Flag Attacks we have reached now high season. But yet people do not get it allthough a bunch of heroes are spending much of their time to warn mankind about this shit. 

Since 911 which was recorded in the BBC even before the towers were going down innocent arabic people got targeted as victims of rape, torture and death, also organtheft. They had not even the capacities of such an attack but got blamed for it. Did we hear an apologize of the English and American people and other allies towards the 'Iraki people!? Did we? When Lybia got targeted I was nearly alone in Germany to report about the attack and to oppose it. Things had not been better in other westerners countries. Gathafi had been even warning that the downfall of Lybia will cause a refugee tsunami....that had been before 1/3 of the Lybian people got genocided including Gathafi and some of his familymembers. The Smart-People-Generation had not been interested in anything than their stupid online games ...and their TV-Forebearers were not better. The war on Lybia was in 2011. Well, in 2015 the announced Refugee-Welcome-Tsunami got started by the same gangsters who orchestrated already the attacs on Irak, then on Lybia and Syria ...Afghanistan is a long time drug harvesting project and Obomber loved to bomb them with drones and if not them he bombed Sudanese people or people from Jemen.

No, outcry from the Smart-People-Generation and their TV forebearers till they saw the masses flooding into Europe and America, coming from all over the world ...more and more and more. Apparently Merkel had opened the doors allthough she is just one of the Elite-Slaves who loves too much to hang around in the tunnels of SuiSSe. Some think that they are the Pharaohs (you find links in English, French and German under Pharaohshow in Google), in Europe they called themselves Kings and Queens, all together Aristocrats and they had always been a threat to the common people and did not disappear. Please note: Gentiles are common folks who are living in Tribal communities. Their leaders are chiefwarrior alongside of female or male shamen. People know them and elect them according to their strength (simular to wolf tribes). This is a pretty different thing from the Matrix the Pharaohs had unfolded all over the Gentiles; those who say they are Jews are their direct servants and in some cases also members.