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Sunday, 8 May 2016

OurStories or HisTory?

Wikipedia explains us: "A Tory holds a political philosophy (Toryism) based on a British version of traditionalism and conservatism." So we only need to add the personalpronomen his to understand that we are not talking about real happenings of the past but about someones version of it, lately probably the version of the British Crown. Well, for me this is not really new but common since my childhood when certain questions did not find answers: Why the fuck Nofretete had such big skull? Allthough I consider her at least as some kind of human I am not that sure about the other guy left to her. He also does not look like my REPTILE. Those beings have big heads but their heads are differently shaped, not like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Their heads are upwards. However, since my mother could not tell me that Nofretete was somehow sick but told me the truth, that no one really knows why she has such elongated skulls, usual history was already done for me and therefore Ourstory started. This my Ourstory was actually twisted in two branches of Ourstories. The one story includes all the native tribes who are enjoying more or less their naked beingness in the wilderness while the other one includes all the so called fairy tales filled with all kind of beings and castles and dwarfs and so fort. While my stay in Africa and lateron also in Jamaica I even got to add the Reptiles, which seem to prefer black people around them. Because of my contact with them they also felt somehow attracted to me. I am not really scared of them; one of them even got very closed to me and showed me some kind of wonderful lovedimension which must be available somewhere .... I rather scare humans who get out of their minds and nature than Reppies. But who the fuck is that big brain on the left side and who is Nofretete and all the other overdimensional beings who are made into statues all over in Egypt? Do not ask your teacher in school or university. Please, do not do that. Even if they get paid to tell you lots of bullshit they might not like it. So please do not compromize the rest of their dignity. Ask instead yourself who could have had fun to install such huge statues into the deserts of Egypt and also elsewhere on Earth. And please do not tell me that Arabs or Black Africans as we know them had that fun and nothing else to do.
Part 2 and Part 3 Let us look what Nassim has to say about this.

Trauma ...again?

Long time I was not here. Why? In short words: I was traumatized. To face the destruction of our environment and lives by all means of evil (Bio- and Geoengineering, War) and by the same time to face the agony -or is it ignorance? - it was really too much for me during the last months. Stupidity alone is hard to bear but stupidity & ignorance; that is tooooooooo much. Germans in my view can now be considered as weaket idiots who are stuck in their ideologies between left and right or in their little bourgeois houses who they consider to be their own ...even if they still and after life long payments pay for them to the banksters. If only their perception of reality will not fall. Please do not talk to me or something like that we can find in the eyes and habits of common Germans these days while they comply with all that bullshit which is going on to a degree of slavery which was never seen before. May be it was but I cannot imagine that. People seem to be controlled by only 2 words: Conspiricy Theory and Anti-Semitism. Like dogs they welcome an ever growing invasion of so called refugees; yes there are also those who are working in the social-engineering industry (socialworkers and such folks) who escort refugees into mosques as part of their social services. On the other hand we have those kind of Saxonies who start to cry even faced with only one foreigner. The scene reminds me on the Feminism-Agenda when the paid or brainwashed women with fake red hairs were crying hysterically when they had to face a single man in their public presence. Meanwhile God thanks we do not need to hear these hysterically shoutings any longer: our men are gone. We do not know to where but we know: they are gone (feminized). Even our female ancestors were somehow better off: they could at least consider their men being starved, tortured or otherwise put to death in and after WWII. But our men are gone even without such war in Europe ... Well things can change soon. The mercenaries from America, Canada and UK and who knows from where .... we should consider German, Suisse and Polish mercenaries pretty much included -are already in Europe. While stupid and ignorant Germans are stressed about the Muslime Invasion ... they do not get it which Trojan Horse comes from our own ranks. Still they are applauding Madame Merkel and Van der Leyen like idiots, thinking that the war business will not meet them but only countries in the semitic (arabic) world. My fellow Germans: I am traumatized from most of you. I am totally shocked. I know that most of you know what it is going on: I only need to count the visitors of certain websites and blogs, which are written to tell the truth. These amounts of visitors are showing that there cannot be a single German - unless the demented Elders and children - who would not know. We are about 80 Million people in Germany. Take about 10 Million Deutschländer out of the countings who might not been able to talk German; take the demented elderlies and the children out: may be another 10 Million. So we talk about 50 to 60 Million german citizens. If only 10 percent of them have done their researches, 6 Millions would be in the know. And they did. Even more. Some years ago I counted that amount already out, on only some of those certain websites and blogs, not even all of them. So I think we are way over 12 Million Citizens who are informed. If each of us knew 5 other people and talks with them we would have 100 percent informed citizens. But where are you? Hiding in your offices and talking about the latest film in TV? Avoiding everything which could touch that very truth what it is going on? I am disgusted by such behavior to a degree which meets no description. Your parents are dying as demented elders by the amount of Chemtrails which they cannot process; your children are learning sex-tools in schools and you? What are you doing? Watching Volker Pispers or Hagen Rether who will sweep you in such comfort zone that you can consider yourseld to have been critical ....Will you talk? Well, till now you did not. You allowed your children to watch TV until they do not know if they are humans or what; you feed them with poisoned food ...and so fort. I am disgusted. We are being sprayed with Chemtrails every day and night and you do not even talk about that ...Scared to death that you could be called conspiricy theorist or anti-semite. To die under chemical warfare - okay, is not nice. To die under bombs - also not nice. But to die among the most weaket Germans who ever existed: that is too hard for me. 

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