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Monday, 27 March 2017

Paganism, Heathenism and the Religions, part 01

When you might try to bring some kind of order into history, you might just fail when you try to find out who the Romans actual were. Well, let us look on this map. So, they were invadors, were they not? Did they invade uninhabited land? Well, this is what is usually the overtune, if mainstream historians talk about the Romans. Things sound simular to the discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus. There were no people ...well no real people, just a bunch of barbarians or savages who lateron got the honorable titles of pagans or heathens. Well, the history-tellers could not hide it all and so we find that the Romans were just a bunch of savages who could not do anything of value but had to rob things. But that had been nothing but good for the lost ones because they were apparently bloodsucking people, who were loving not only human sacrifice. This guy cannot really get rid of the greek and phoenicean stories as the wonderbringers of everything to Europe but he cannot deny his findings.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Let us reason a bit about races and racism, part 08

I had established races as probably even of different species but for certain as different in many ways concerning the Temple (body). This alone demands different treatments as it is simply a fact or common sense that different bodies require different care. To make this easy to understand: many white people cannot really handle the heat of Africa or India or other hot areas. It makes them feel uncomfortable and sweating through their hairs. In some areas of Africa the heat is even such boiling because of the plenty of water in many African regions (yes I know you were told otherwise but Africa is indeed the continent of water, so to speak). So it appears that the heat can cause the heart of a white person to pump too much. Vice versa black people would have tuff times in especially cold regions. Of course this is not valid for each and everyone, some do very well after a good while of adaptation (they take about 3 years to be completed) to the climate. Still the bodies of white people and of black people remain different. Black people par example often loose their natural skin fat and fight tuff times with dry skin in cold areasSo we can compare this with the hardware of Computers: they do not get different because we wish them to be all equal. And therefore we act racial according to our "hardware".

Well, between the recognition of differences and the creation of competion and superiority are some worlds, aren`t they? So, the differences between races and also the natural occurences of distance to people we do not know, can easily be misused to fuel hatred, slavery and wars but especially if they get boiled even by "more fire" with Religions and the competitions of God-s. Things, if carefully designed as this had been the case through the secret societies, can be turnt into hell on Earth and the blame will be put finally on Satan or God: either way is possible. If God were good he would not allow such thing to happen is the version of Atheist while the Christians blame the Reptile and till they can catch the Reptile the Muslims can be blamed or vice verca. That is also good to base some pretty profitable wars on it. Parallel we also face the opposite of racism namely anti-racism like performed in these days in all white countries. And it functions so far well as the underlying legitimation to flood all White Men countries with masses of Non-White people and especially with Muslims. They  bomb them out of their countries and flood the survivors to Europe or America ...where the war on terror can be continued. Who wins in this? Well, hopefully all the normal people from all the races ...if they understand the "game" they can stop it. 

Monday, 20 March 2017

Let us reason a bit about races and racism, part 7

When we talk about races and racism, we should understand, that there is a difference between acting racial and acting as a racists.

Acting racial means to act in care and interest on once own people; we could also speak of a form of extended tribalism because one tribe can include various leaves of their tree. So in fact all of them are so to speak like one forest. We can have groups of folks here and there but still they are from one tree of life, who also can reunite if this is of mutual win. So tribalism recognizes mother&father, the family, the village but not the Global Village. The Global Village is another word for the jewish concept of communism for the Gentiles because colonialism does not sound such well any longer. Colonialism also acts racial but includes another drive: it wishes to exploit, dominate or exterminate other tribes. No balance between the various tribes on Earth is intended within such kind of racial acts in the interest of one race.

Meanwhile some call the problem the 1% against all the rest. And many of course still guess around if all roads lead to Rome or to Jerusalem, well I would suggest the roads lead next to Astana, the Capital of Kasachstan .... unless they don`t, because reasoning for freedom comes towards fanatic stories of so called God-s: "let us make men in our image" (Gen. 1:26). The Chosen Ones, who love to hide behind the curtains might be stopped in time by probably a more appropriate voice who most of you would have learnt to call barbaric or the voice of heathens. I was searching and searching a long time who really were and still are the Romans? Well, finally I find over other sources which led me to the Hyksos, who got outlawed by the Egypteans, the following Interview, which connected my suspicions indeed my conclusion and what we now call IS-RA-HELL.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Let us reason a bit about races and racism, part 6

At the beginning of this little serie I had been giving you the common definition of race which had been:

"What is a race? In many dictionaries you will find slightly different meanings for the term:
1. ´strong current of water`
2. ´run in competition against`
3. ´people of common descent`. "

I have declared that it is obvious, that mankind is at this point of ourstories a composition built from many races who appeared all around the Globe and that we can differentiate mainly 3 species as mother species: the Neanderthals (white people), the Denisovans (yellow people) and the Homo Sapiens (brown and black people). The so called red race, I think  is built from white people, yellow and brown people though I am not sure about this. The 3 species are so to speak the Originals from the Ab-Originals, to use an example in order to show the relationship between parents and children. To end all the debates and so called science around the topic, which is to this point of mankinds history a politicum filled with lies and unethical choices. So I want to reset things on the base of common sense. For that I had been offering the way to look at things by the phrase: What meets the eyes should be obvious. ´The eyes` are representing of course all the senses and our eperiences which are given to us and they get operated by our intelligence, also known as logos. This means that we are able to reason within ourselves and also with others. To suggest this way to you also helps you to free yourself from so called experts. They are 2-legs just like you with the difference that they get paid, sometimes huge amounts of money to either keep their mouth or to tell lies.

In the Bible we find in Genesis 1:26 said: "Let us make men in our image". Who are those experts who want to form men in their image? God? God talking to himself? You see who can form your perception of reality has the power to make you in his image. In the German language we have 2 words for to createzeugen (meaning to sire) and überzeugen (meaning to convince or to persuade). And the word über (above)  is used here in the sense of more power. Do I need to tell you that this is not always based on better arguments others than blackmailing with money or oppressions? Ask yourself who are the ones who want to make men in their image. You better think twice about this statement and those who claim that the Bible is the word of God (likewise all the Ayatollahs who claim that the Koran is the word of Allah).

Pretty special no one realized until recently that the God of the Bible was talking to someone and that realisation led to all kind of speculations. The word speculation is by the way just another word for theory. Theories are a set of ideas how things could be. If they can be proven by manifestation they get facts. So there is nothing wrong with speculations, they are in fact the starting point. Without plans based on our speculations or ideas how things would be or should be, we simply do not get into any kind of creative movement. We cannot produce anything but probably only hunt (even badly without self created weapons), collect or rob. So the ability to create things makes us into what we usually call human beings; a status of beingness which made us different from animals. If we were acting as animals we would probably go extinct because we would be frozen to death without a fur or would be unable to stand a fight with beings like lions, bears and so fort. We have lots of genetic markers, which do not really let us appear as Earthlings at all. And so we got now into the Age of Aliens and somehow homeless, if Earth should not be the origin of us. Well, I do not think that this is a good conclusion at this point of ourstories (and as long as we do not have access to the records stored in the catacombs of the Vatican). Homelessness does not feel well. So we should leave such speculations not to be from Earth out of our debates or if we like to speculate in that way to clearly put that into a realm which does not suddenly appear as reality. We simply do not know this so far. It could also well be that the climate on Earth had been much warmer and probably there had also been more oxygen available.

So, I stick with my mother Earth and look at her as the one who put me here as her offspring. I do not deal with all the Aliens, if they are called Pleiadeans or Reptilians or elsewise. Aliens are having high seasons these days and it seems we get some new ones every day at least in the American virtual life. Not that I would deny their existance at all but as long as they do not ring at my door and tell me: Hello, I am from Mars and would like to eat you, I deal with Earthlings and on top of us with Mother Earth. I really find it hard enough if some human cannibals could love to eat me or my fellow humans. You get what it is meant, do you? I do not like all that Alien Business out there including the Annunaki Story. And so I see myself as Earthling and creation of Mother Earth. I also do not put myself into the speculations, if Mother Earth is a discus, commonly propagated as Flat Earth. I am happy that the times when the Catholic Church felt enlightened to burn off lots of German women as whitches are over. And that had been the times when the Earth were allowed to be a Ball. You see the problem with us human beings is that some of us used to get confused, if they are God themselves (Nephilims). Those are pretty much those who get Satanists, folks who want to create anything better than God. And that brings us back to the definition of "race" as "competition". All those among us human beings who mess with themselves or body parts of themselves are essentially Satanists. commonly disguised as godly religious people: The Jewish people, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhist. But also most of the black tribes in Africa are practicing such mutulations of their or their children bodies. They all practice circumcision, some do that only on the boys like the Jewish people, others also on women. That is pure madness from people who are not willing so far to respect how they got build by God, Allah or Nature and so this is not enforced on them as babies or youngsters.

It does not really matter how we call the creative source of ours. But what matters is, if we mess with our creative abilities in such destructive ways that we go into competition with our creator, even declaring that we would do this "in his name". Get some more insight also here and here. This kind of competition with God creates misery. Our bodies are our temples and we should never ever allow anyone including ourselves to disrespect that temple and that includes Transhumanism,  Cloning, Transgenderism and Feminism, social engineering and geoengineering. We are not Gods nor Goddesses but part of her creation with certain godlike abilities. We should respect our bounderies here on paradize Earth.

But we or some of us messed with our certain godlike abilities also with another kind of practice as mentioned already above, namely with inbreeding. This practice is best known among Jewish people, Muslims, Indeans-Pakistani and more folks and also among the Aristocrats and rich people, who were dominating the white folks far too long.

The main thought among this practice is to keep and also to increase wealth and power among the family (bloodline). The well known problem with this is that it leads to all kind of sicknesses, which get handed down through the generations including severe handicaps and insanity. Mankind is at this point now. The so called Elites have run so completely insane that they now wish us all dead and to create a new version of humans, which shall be more stupid than they are and insane enough to let them also furtheron rule on Earth. And therefore they need what is meanwhile recognized as white genocide. Neither the white pagans nor the white Christians could be brought into all these kind of practices mentioned above and so they could hold on their families, intelligence and sanity even through much of attacks and attemptions. Allthough Christianity got enforced on the white folks, still they kept their pagan (meaning natural) ways of life and this includes romantical feelings, meaning natural attraction towards a member of the other gender. We can clearly differentiate this from all the other races allthough there had of course also been some kind of enforced marriages par example among farmer families. But yet they were usually not done by incest. If so religion and rape was used. Even arranged marriages within farmer families had not been that strict and did not end up like in Romeo & Julia ( a story among the Elites in Venedig) but more often in freedom declarations by run-aways-couples from families who were after their children to get them married as they pleased.

But things changed with the sneaky introduction of Free Love, Pornography and Feminism. This could succeed to a pretty severe point by the use of mindcontrol techniques especially by the use of TV. The insane Elites are now pushing all the species into our lands and societies and are even blaming us for their problem; they are really propagating such nonsense that we would suffer under inbreeding. They should know better that they are projecting their problem on us. Well, we will see how things will turn out: I do not think that the white Genocide by outbreeding and raping unasked Genes into us will succeed. // to be followed by part 07

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Let us reason a bit about races and racism, part 5

As I tried to establish we are on Earth neither built from one race nor from one race out of Africa. So, if that is true, we must ask, who is constantly promoting this theory even against such obvious signs like this. Well let us make things short: the Jews do not hide anymore, that they love the idea to mix the races and also explain us where this has to happenLet us listen what this famous guy has to say about this. But things run well so far and so Gods Chosen Ones feel happy that they could arrange to bring all the races and religions in nice chaos and massterrorism against each other while they will sit and laugh in Greater Israel. You know, some people just love to watch what is happening out there. They really love it. Well some get actually few bad feelings about their deeds. But what has to be done has to be done for a small fortune. And they pay of course the prize for that small fortune. And such tuff prices lead over times to other kind of observations. Remember  in Jugoslavia those lovely Chosen Ones from God started the destruction from Europe. They are everywhere, in the last decades mostly under the flag of the US. But the Russian Flag was also well to be misused. The Chosen Ones do not mind under which flag they are sailing as long they can hide themselves best. But now they think they can come up openly. Or is it, that they cannot hide anymore and are exposed everywhere?

Let me come to an end for this part. We now learnt that different races and ethnies obviously follow different morals. Still the Russians are trying to overcome the abuses with Alcohol after all the abuse of their people (guess by whose business). Well, for sure the Jewish idea of Sharia Law on white people will not be enforced on neither the Romaneans nor the Russeans. The Celts seem to have their fun as well. So, at least the Jewish subversive Revolution of bullshit refreshes the potence of the white men. And as far as our beloved Gods Chosen Ones took up a too big goal it could well happen that they need to find a pretty small Island where they can do the rest of their days just among themselves till they kill each other including their own children better than ours. By the way: is not by force but by choice. No one dictates the Jews to circumcize their sons and give them their first homosexual blow job just some (8) days after their arrival on Earth. The Jewish mothers instead of seducing all white people into bullshit - otherwise known as Feminism - could probably emancipate themselves first and chose to take care on their sons so that they will not be abused any longer and some of them get the biggest psychopaths the world has ever suffered. It is a choice and I am hereby suggesting all Jewish mothers: please have mercy and empathy for your sons. Take them away from your psychopathic Patriarchs. Run away from them. Hide yourself and your sons among white people and never go back. Get race-mixed with the white people who are living by common sense and reasoning. Part of that sense is empathy with our own kind. You are at the end of your people because we will not allow you any longer to destroy the entire world. You see, most of your sons get homosexuals, unable to procreate and now they are after our children and DNA. Please, think again before you must probably again be afraid from so called anti-semitism. Everything has a cause and you should not be the cause for anti-semitism, should you? So please, do what is right: God did not create men in your deluded ways but in his if not her ways. He made men of all species with a forescin. If you do not wish to understand this, okay: then your people will cease to exist because mankind cannot bear this anylonger. This is a matter of logic. We, the white people, who you jealeous so much, will defend ourselves and we are many, still more than you allthough of all the wars you had been inflicting on us. We will lead the various species of mankind into freedom of your bad deeds. Promise. So, please ...all you jewish mothers get wise in time and lead your people into freedom of misery as well. 

Monday, 6 March 2017

Let us reason a bit about races and racism, part 4

We have already spoken about the attemps of the elimination of the word race in its original biological sense and what I call: What meets the eyes should be obvious. We are running on Earth at least with 3 basic Genepools of different species. I mentioned already that I do not know, where the Red Indians fit in, for me they look like a Hybrid Race between Denisovans, Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens. Note my words: I did not say it is like that. I formulated just an idea out of my observations - but they are based just on mainly pictures and videos and only on observations on one living Red Indian who I ever met. He goes by the name Arte Reade and is teaching all over in Europe interestingly enough aside selfresponsibility also his interpretations of the Bible. (By the way he is the onliest spiritual teacher of these days, who I can recommend so far allthough I am not a Christian believer). He is also my living example of those genetical traces, which I see in Red People. See some pictures of him here. What do you see? You might like to listen to the Red Indian, who unfortunately died recently, who is warning the White Race. Who of course is an inspiration to listen to is Russell Means and his wife

Would you know the differences of their features from White People and if so, which are the differences? I want to encourage you to use your eyes and to watch properly. This will not only train you in watching bodies but entirely train you in what is now so often propagandist (not really practized) by the word awareness. What it is the use of your awareness, if you cannot even read in the face of a man or woman, where she or he comes from and will probably go. Who are they: who are their ancestors and what had been their stories? In these days people do not even greet each other but yet they are posting all day and night about their awareness. What a degenerated ´joke`. The Christians among you: "Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear?" Is that not a quote from your Bible?

It is legend that the Red People had great skills in reading from even far away, when somebody would be on the way to them- including enemies. So what it is the use of your eyes, ears and nose and all the rest of your senses in your temple (your body), if you do not use nor train them like the Red Folks do?

In the Bible -remember -you find the popular story, that God (alias Jehovah) created Eve out of Adams rips. And he did that in the Garden of Eden. Did you ever realize, that there had already been people around that joyful garden? Could well be that you were not part of those guys in the garden, who pro-created bit different. Have a look here and also on these 2 faces. Since Arthurs stupid trial to unite the Druids with the Churches this imposter could even make it into the realms of the Druids. Did you see all the lookalikes in the linked video? If not .. go and check (1:35) again and know you need to train your eyes. How long do you think is the knowlege about genetics and procreation already around? Something new? Because humans evolved that much in the last 100 years? Or is the very topic already mentioned in Gen-Isis (Bible)? "Let us make men in our image", we owe it to Jordan Maxwell, who had put our attention on that funny sentance in the Bible again and again. God was talking to himself or who? So Genetics might have been around since a very long time. There are exactly 2 groups of people who are known to pro-create among themselves because of their love  for theatre. They really love to shapeshift even from a Reptile into a Royal. Just think about that kind of insanity, that both of them groups love to impose the Kalergi Plan on all human species and subspecies. Could well be that they got insane by too much of inbreeding, don`t you think so?

Back to scripture once more but first get some impressive thoughts about scriptures here. Allthough true, that we should first built up and train our own senses and thinking capacities it is not true, what the so called Romans tell us again and again.

Europeans had their own writing skills, they were called Runes. The fact that they are not circulating has nothing to do with their non-existance but with the Roman-tellers, who used to burn books wherever they came along, keeping their whisdom of course for themselves. Even the word book stems from European Nature and not from the Romans, who were Invadors. The word book stems from the German word Buch (meaning book) which also formed the word Buchstabe (meaning letter). And that is so because the writings were done with sticks (der Stab, plural: die Staben) from trees (from beeches) and were used on trees or products from trees (like paper). Runes were also used on stones like these. The word Meilenstein (milestone) stems probably from them - at least that it is what I assume. The entire European Tribal system had also developed a highly sophisticated science of the Gods, embedded in the Edda and embraced by the Tree of Life named Yggdrasil.

Unfortunately or probably even gladly we must now remember our stories, which we used to store and hide within our DNA because they were forbidden and kept away in the underground caves of the Roman-Tellers known as Vatican. The Inquisition had been about exactly those great stories and whisdom of our European past, the theft and hi-jacking of that wisdom and the extermination of the European people. White genocide is not a new thing but a very old one. We only whitness a refreshing of it also including part of those, who are not of original European essence but are hybrids of different degrees. They might be par example Jews; knowingly and also unknowingly descendants of Gentile/Jewish parents, who were grown by their gentile mother par example after WWII, when a lot of German women got raped under the order of the Red Army. Jewish people have different appearances than white folks but get easily seen as white people. Here you find a detailed description of their appearances. Please concentrate on the given factual informations and not on notes concerning beauty or what have you. We are not looking here for any kind of discriminations. The most interesting different appearance is the flat back part of the head as more turk-asiatic things get. Find more here.

The cephalix index describes the different appearances of skulls. Some people are arguing that this index is not of importance. Well -it is- because the seize of the skull of an unborn baby should fit the pathway bones of his mother so that she must neither give birth under pains nor die. According to my philosophy what meets the eyes should be obvious we can also argue: different heads = different contents. This could concern a lot of things: intelligence, empathy, imagination and more. Too much mixes might bring degenerations over times such as psychological problems as there are 2 in 1 in the beginning and in further generations even more than 2 in 1. Donkeys are simular with horses but are they the same, really? Each of them in its origin is nice; so called bastards can be very beautiful but they can also bring over generations all sorts of weaknesses.

I guess, humans were formed probably all over the world. Did we ever got the idea that trees and other plants originated on a specific continent?

For me this idea makes no sense but it makes sense to me that the human-trees grew on all continents and interacted with their environments, what gave them their specific shapes and skills; those who were of importance came into their genepool. Meanwhile there are some courageous scientist who do not pretend anymore that they would believe in the Out-of-Africa-Theory.