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Saturday, 25 April 2015

P2, My Love - The Trees, My personal understanding of Avalon

Wherever they came for destruction they would have attacked the Trees first. They would have destroyed the Trees of Knowledge and they would have destroyed also the main Tree of Life. They are Motherfuckers, so to speak. Their essence is Envy, on what? On our living experience within Earth, her fully Beauty. The exitement of experiencing the Sun-Shine, so that we are the shining onesThe exitement of the rain, so that we can refresh our s-elves . The exitement of the Fire which fuels us with energy and warm feelings. The exitement of the Winds which will give us fresh air and fresh inspirations and the earth new I-Graines: the uni-corn for new fruits. Isn`t Igraine the mother of the next morning or how the Germans say: Morgen .. like Morgain the Fay? Wasn`t she watered by Viviane, the Lady of the Lake? Shouldn`t Igraine`s Uther get impressed by the semen of the Pen Dragon Uther? Also the German word Euter , in English udder, refers obviously to Uther-us where Milk and Honey dwells finally into Mom`s breasts. Well, the term milk and honey must be seen already as an archontic destruction because Mothermilk is Honey, the onliest substance a newborn needs to get nurtured with. It is a secrete and therefore it got sacred. It is hidden in Mom`s body but not meant for secret societies whose members had made a mockery out of all what had been of natural access for every Earthling. It needed centuries of archontic destructions to damage the trees of life and knowledge, which belong together. But the Archons needed to get us into Believers without knowledge. No folks, the inner knowledge how things are and are not makes us sentient and graceful to Mother Earth and all the other devine aspects also she depends on. But the Abrahamsic Religions at least in their Roman-Greek Version twisted us, turned us from heal or holy into sick and evil (deadly behavior against ourselves and others). We are now facing many infants who never got/get their original honey or their honey destroyed by plenty of food toxins and vaccines. I am not talking feminist but sacred. What do you think: does it make a difference if a women gets loved with her husbands pen(is) or with a plastique stick?  The secret societies are finished with all of their destructions of natural law designed and given by Mother Earth. Hopefully the rest of mankind and all the other Earthlings are not finished but able to restore the origin. Hopefully they will be able to bypass the Free Mason lodges but get ledged in the trees of life and real knowledge, designed and given to us from within. Allthough some people might argue that natural law can be fixed by writings, I do not think so: no man or woman can give me something what was already given to me. They can only destroy it. And that it is what happened already. The medical fight against natural law is surely one of the best historical examples of it. Let me end this with a little quote: Fuck off you gangsters.

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