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Monday, 20 April 2015

P1, Why Morgaine?

Morgaine  "Le Fay" if not "the wicca" got placed into the mists of nowhere, never to be recognized, or shall we say "never again"? Had there been a time when she was well known in the open, even the leading spiritual force as  The Lady of the Lake. It is said 

"Merlin had met the Lady at the Fountain of Barenton (Brittany) and fallen so deeply in love with her that he agreed to teach her all his mystical powers."

But even though Wales claims to be the place where Merlin had met his love, Vivianne, we find      
Le Fountain of Barenton not in Wales but in La Foret de Brocéliande in nowadays France.  Well, latest since Asterix and Obelix we got at least an idea about the Druids, who did not want  to be dominated by the Romans. After all, the Romans went everywhere and so it is not really a matter of competition, if Merlin and Vivianne reigned in France or in Brittain. I guess they reigned in all Europe if not all over the Earth, including nowadays Germany, where I was born. Since the CeZars finally won, His Story is told excluding by them, the Victors. We are not meant to know as much as we like to know about our real ancestors. Better to let their ways be Fairy tales and to let us learn about Karl the Great, Caesar and Alexander the GreatThese boring stories used to have the smell of death. Anybody out there who really think that Jesus and Mohammed came in peace? They came as less in peace like the Mullahs came in peace to Africa, at least since the Romans adopted Jesus and Mohammed. They brought Slavery to the Europeans and to the Africans. Europeans got told to have been in the Stone-Age till the Romans brought some culture along. Africans got told to have been some kind of monkeys, while the real monk-keys established their Religions, the key to our enslavement. Their His Stories are as senseless as the story of Genesis in their scriptures.

I was taken out of a bone from a Man and was not born like this? 

What a ridiculeous story! Well, if the Pastors could teach such utter bullshit may be the same had been the case with the teacher who were teaching His Story? It would have cost me a lot of ignorance to finally accept these teachings as truth only because nothing else was told.  I did not have such much of ignorance. Nevertheless it took years till all that His Story started to show up not only as phantastic nonsense but also as cover up of gruesome terror which should intentionally spoil the Genesis of Mankind as Love between Women and Men and their children. Finally even Romeo & Julia would appear more romantically than the current judaic storm of Homosexuality and Pornography. Is it the jealeous Evil Morgause (Morgaux), who had  killed Vivianne, who is still reigning over mankind? 

Feminism obviously did not correct anything to the better but even made things more worse. It is also time to understand that the Aristocrats never went that patriarchic. Mankind had suffered a lot of Evil Queens since the CeZars came in power. 

Morgaines son Mordred killed his own father King Arthur, Morgaines Half Brother, to please his Foster Mother Morgaux and to get her King Mother. Conceived by incest and fostered by Jealeousy and the Will for Power the Bloodlines of Mankind got probably finally spoiled with Evil Beings. Of course we are working to prevent this. Blood is considered to be the fluid which combines the Spirit with the Body (see the link). 

How many times the true genesis which knows only love, was corrupted through the will of some few Psychopaths just to hold power over others? This blog is looking for secrets to be discovered and inspired in the Mists of Avalon, which might lead us into the means of black, white and red magick. We are facing these days the horror of childsacrifice getting into the open and are probably about to also suffer the legalisation of pedophilia. It is pretty much time for Gaia`s Correction and to get rid of Mary, the successor of The Lady of the Lake, who had been vivid like water and is coming to life every Morgain (In German this term means simply "der Morgen": "the Morning", or the "tomorrow") out of the Darkness of the Night. The Film In the Mysts of Avalon, which I urge you to see and download, we find a lot of keys how the Monks got Mon-Keys by pure Evil Magick. It is said that the Druids were guilty of human sacrifice, over and over it is that what gets claimed, if the reign of the Druids get mentioned anyway. I used to think that this is not true allthough I can imagine that they had another simple way of bloodsacrifice: 13 times a year by the periods of women. How could the Number 13 get a number of pitch unless when a certain women were meant by force to conceive an heirs of future power? A year includes actually 13 cycles which all women pass through till fertilisation. Ordinairy women got about 10-12 children in earlier days. They would not have had reasons to get mad about a phase of not being pregnant. Such reasons only existed within the Aristocrats, who arranged marriages for the single reason to hold, gain or grow power. 

You see, there are many things to be re-studied which concern the huge topic of Genesis meaning how life comes into existance, gets flourished but also destroyed, if instead of truth (druid) bullshit enters into the society. We are facing much of his storical corruption. It is time to restore truth (druid).

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