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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Susquehannocks, Andantes .... Giants, the key to history?

It always troubled my mind how these huge buildings like the Pyramids, Huge Palaces and Temples could have been coming into existance. It simply makes no sense for, that humans of our seize should have built them: none of our members, no matter which race. I do not believe that any human of our seize were the architects nor builder of these buildings. We are much more likely to build shelters and houses which fit our seize. Why -especially in hot areas- men should sweat themselves to death just to build huge palaces and temples? Apart from the point that we have no clue how to build them, this story really makes no sense. It also makes no sense that mankind used to worship such huge amount of Gods, that most of us do not even know all of their names (check the Godchecker link, if you want to learn some of the names). Allthough science used to sink these logic question out of thinking into a huge dark whole - it still remains: Hello, it makes no sense!!! It also never made any sense to me that mankind -out of its own spirit- should have made human sacrifices . I simply do not believe that our specie would be that different from other Earthlings and sacrifice its own kind.Of course there is no mainstream history channel which would ever miss to tell us things otherwise. Repeat a story often enough and she will get her own truth ... but the truth? All of my life I could not find anything what would support such idea. None of those people I know would have ever shown signs of such ideas, in the opposite they feel deeply disgusted. So something must have happened, if mankind had find things like that in earlier days quiet comfortable. Is it not much more reasonable to believe that there was a force behind such practizes? So probably there is a difference between human beings and mankind? All these stories about the Antik Times are surrounding phantastic emperos, who were falling over the Earth like parasites and in the result plenty of Empires were built and mens were the slaves, sometimes more nicely called the servants. Well the question appears, if there is a race which is or had been superior to mankind by its seize and probably also its grips but not by the amount of their people? So here now I have found a race which were called Susquehannoks in Turtle Island (nowaday America) and Andantes in Europe. Are we actually telling ourselves their his-stories as if they were ours, I mean different than the story of our enslavement by them? Could that fit the little huge gap of logic as mentioned above? Even the Bible mentions that race: they are talking about times when there were Giants. Let me have a look how it is written in the Bible. In Genesis 6:4 we find it: .... those days there had been giants ... and also after that .....and they became mighty men.
( they gone? Why? What happened to them? Or are they still living? Where? In the Underground, Inner Earth, what eventually got called hell? Where would be such places? May be in Mountains, which are holding much of caves. May be at the North Pole or Greenland? You see, whenever there is a war inflicted on mankind, those Giants or HUs could have probably had fine meals, could they not? What would be the biggest threat against them? Well, if we get clever about their existence and if we get such many that we are able to overcome them. And what are certain societies up to by their Agenda21? Depopulation; meaning simple mens not HUs nor  VIPs. So please go here to Minute2 of this video and get your grips around it. And then get here. Please also note, that the Inkas and Mayas were Empires just like those on other continents. So this is not to accuse the indigenes mens otherwise called as "Indeans" of being those HUs .. but as suffering under them like all other mens over the globe.

Somehow interesting as well as pretty sad is the life of Giant Robert Wadlow who happened to get a member of a Free Masonry Lodge. Also the fact that his 3rd eye is told to be the reason for his never ending growth gets me questioning, what really had been happening to him. He died in the age of 22. His sad story reminds me on a genetic experiment somehow. 

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