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Saturday, 6 August 2016

The trees and astonishing ideas of these days and of days before the ...

Romans appeared to tell us stories which are sold (let me correct myself: enforced on us) as either religion or even education, not as "romans" (in English "Roman" means "novel"). Well, we know somehow within (at least I do) that the Alexandrean library- just as one example- had not been destroyed in total but their main knowledge been stolen by the nice Roman Christians who are fighting these days seemingly against and not with their own creative counterpart Roman Islam against mankind and its awakening to get out of these dark times with them. Of course, as non-creative they are in reality and now entering their hopefully deepest point of incest and inbreeding horrific blooddrinking bullshit, they could only come up with their depopulation Agenda which might probably bring them some years forward before the people and animals under leadership of Mother Earth herself will crack them down and put them into their own hell: not ours any longer.  

So let us come to those days before those perverts took over; at least they did not hide the Tree of Life but only discriminated the Tree of Knowledge so that our ancestors might have got their blind and dumped down sheeples whose blood they would drink. Of course they had been blaming the Pagans and Gnostics for that and still contiue to do so. Well: up to you if you still wonna believe that allthough you meanwhile should know who is really doing this, not only in Bohemean Grove. In reality each of their wars is nothing different than human sacrifice, not so? Of course weird Christians are now up to tell me: but this is what the New World Order is all about! They want to destroy religions. Do they, really? Noop, they wonna come out openly and have their fun while sacrificing people: they won`t call it anylonger Judaism, Christianity, Islam or Buddhism: they will just call it Satanism and stick together as they have done so all along but behind curtains of different clothes. And they will try to convince you once again that this world belongs to Satan and not to Mother Earth and the godly sources she is using to create and nuture this wonderful Earth. This world is wonderful and you better know that before you pick up that suicide program of Christianity or Islam which tells you that there is nothing nice on Earth but only in Heaven and if it is that promise to get lots of virgins to be raped in heaven. What a bullshit these folks had in their sick minds. Earth is indeed a paradize which as of course never perfect so that you would die of boredom. There should be things to be discovered and to be dreamt of. There should of course also be some adventures. The whole mixture of this would give you and me that wondeful vibrant feeling of being alive. Of course if you would fail with your measurements and judgements what really would be inspiring and interesting you, you would probably end up with drugs which the "fallen angels" (those who did not get clear with their measurements and judgements before you) will offer you for some trips: bad trips but trips. Higher, better and more more more .... instead of real and satisfying inspirations by the wonderful smell and beauty of life. Well, go on to make your so called living with boring bullshit which in best case nobody needs and in worse case is simply murder (par example if you "work" as mercenary or employee of Monsanto/Beyer etc.) or let Mother Earth inspire you what to do and how to do and when to do. Let me come now to the point of this post. It seems that there had been times in which some folks did not get clever in time as well but got overwhelmed by their greed and might have caused some cataclysm. I do not know that. But clear is - at least for me - that the Pyramids were not build of such micro-humans as we are right now but some kind of giants. Could well be that they blow themselves up and gave Mother Earth tuff times to regrow herself. 

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