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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

You should know the difference between you and your name

This information is travelling now since a longer while through the Virtual-Reality which we call the WorldwideWeb. In real Reality I meet people who canno chew it. They can neither chew that they are not their names nor that they are not a member of a state but rather used for a statement. So, I will also try my best to get all these differences burnt into people`s mind: You are not your name; you are not a member of a state! And you are not a Slave either. Let me start with the name. When you were born, did you know anything about a name? You just wanted to get your milk and hear the beat from Mama`s heart and make -may be- some first Pipi. Till you were about 2 years old you could not even really react on that given name unless by its sound. It worked more like a belt: you might and should know about that so called scientific test with dogs now known as classical conditioning (Ivan Pavlov). You see, your name functioned after a while the same way like the belt functioned for the dogs. You react on your name ...  even as if it was you. But it isn`t you: it is only and excluding your "given name". You also existed without that "given name" and you will also exist when you will forget that given name. Many demented people have forgotten their name, don`t they? But they still exist? Of course ... unless the disease went forward. The point which I am making is only: you do not depend on any given nor taken name but can move your ash from point a to point b even without any name. More problem would you have to do so, when your legs would be broken, but your name .. is just a name. How many people do you think are working within espionage? Well, I do not know either but I know they all run around, if not as their body-clones, with one of their various identities. So, you got that now, don`t you? You are not your name. But you can have a name and even plenty names. Having is equal to owning, right? Well, here now starts the problem. We should probably also use the verb using. These days most people are actually only using these names especially for that honourable purpose to serve the editors of those names, who claim authorship on them as soon as they are registered, with much of fees. Your parents? No, your parents were as stupid as you are. They signed the governmental Authors (Author sounds like Arthur, doesn`it?) of your name that that name will now belong to that governmental entity or authority. Of course they had first to create a substitute for you the real man.That substitute they called a person. And it should not wonder neither you nor me that the word person looks pretty familiar with the word Personal (German word for stuff). The after war II US-Government felt even courageous enough to give to their german warslaves Personalausweise, nice with capital (to be capitilized) letters to directly show to those in the know: Here is someone who acts as a Slave

Madame Merkel is really very busy these days with bringing in even more warslaves who will soon get, some kind of Personalausweis which is showing their statute as Slaves. Of course that Personalausweis will also survey money access and any kind of movement We entered already into the dream of Karl Marx (do not miss to follow the links to his wife and her "noble" relationships somehow with the aristocracy of England and Prussia,wow: chew on that for a while) One day, so Marx` dream (analysis, plans, prophecy are all the same words when they use them), there will be business with human flesh. Others might refer the same ideas to the Bible and its Mark of the Beast. Well, why should they exchange the intention among their various stories of the same thing in their stores; they just want to use the Hegelian dialectic from Thesis and Antithesis, so that humans fight each other and not them. So they paint the same Agenda as theistic story and as atheistic story, but the core remains the same. At the end they want to controll all mankind and even consume our organs. But let me return first to the future Identitycards for the warslaves from Syria (and wherever else) right now on the way to Germania; they will be electronical like this

While all the sheeples, wether foreign or domestic, are screaming about the issue wether foreign sheeples should be carried into the current installation, which they believe to be a state, sometimes also imagined as a Nation, my mind gets flooded with the well and international trained song: Old McDonald had a farm. There is no such thing like a state but only such thing like a statement. These so called royals declared all over the Globe: this land is my land Here, Germans and German Speaker can get the German Version of the shapeshifting from states/nations into companies. More Companies can be found here:  It is a journey not only through law versus legalese but also through one shock after the next ... the Matrix had not been just a film. There are meanwhile a good range of videos in the Internet but somewhere you must start, probably with the following video. Also use: Black Law`s Edition.

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