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Sunday, 8 November 2015

How to kill a Society: Migrant Invasion

Well, it is not that surprizing to me because Gathafi left us with that information that huge amount of refugees would come to Europe, if his Lybia would get destroyed. The sleeping Europeans did not do anything but to accept the war of 40 so called willing countries - at least most of us. Yes, those days in 2011 we were introduced into the Orient: Ali Baba and the 40 thieves. Of course, just like in the special reality-show of the Holy-Wood in America, these 40 thieves were actually not exclusive oriental but more or less des-oriental. For some reason they thought they should bomb or allow those bombings of what was known as the very beautiful Gathafi-Lybia ... Well American Citizens usually do not ask, who they free with their bombs and their democracy but even make their living out of it. Their soldiers are not called mercenaries but veterans or even heroes. They do not even ask them why they kill themselves after their heroe-deeds abroad. Who asks, as long as the cheques are coming? So things are quite okay as long as the american flag is stamped on the militairy bombers and someone gets called a dictator or tyrant. Saddam and the lynching of over 1 Million Irakis had not been enough, so they now needed to kill Gathafi and his people, especially this  ugly Evil loved that. It takes some extra portion of psycholocal immunity, to know, that some of the American Citizens still follow that Evil. But there are also still people who follow that Evil Merkel. Who am I, to judge a whole Nation? There are probably much more victims of that Evil system in these days in America than slaughterers: radiation, poisons, electrowaves and a maroding killing Evil police.

Unfortunately we did not only loose plenty of the finest Arabs in Lybia (from about 6 Million Lybians 1/3 were killed) but also with Gathafi the last thinking Philosoph and Leader. In this video Gathafi refers to the Koran in which it would be stated that the Earth is given by "Allah" to all mankind. That is of course also stated in the Bible with its quote: go out and multiply. Did Gathafi promote migration? Well: the topic includes plenty levels. Gathafi is indeed referring to Natural Law and that of course does not know any boarders but the free movement of people to wherever they like to go. Isn`t that also what most of us have in our hearts and venes? That wish to decide freely where to go and stay? Unfortunately this wish was properly corrupted by some gangsters who are terrorizing this Earth since who knows how long ... who are going around in just one interest: to grab land and all its "ressources" for them own. And so it happened that plenty of people are indeed at least the descendants of migrants; most of them not by free will but by slavery or refuge from wars. This is called Colonialism and Neo Colonialism. We all suffer consciously or unconsciously, that by this terror the red race was nearly completely genocided and also the Australien original inhabitants. There were much more Natives killed off on Earth, from who we do not even know. They did not enter the records of mankind, at least not the public records. They seemed to have just "vanished". We do not even know why the Neanderthals had been died out or if they even really existed. All the his-stories told to us are more or less his stories. Nowadays we call his also they or the Illuminati. We do not know, who they really were and are. All sorts of speculations about that are going meanwhile around. Some people believe into the Annunaki-Aliens, others into the Nephilim, others again into the Lizzard-race or the Archons. It even seems, that as less we know, as more those stories get told as if they were clearly true. Most people can`t stand with Sokrates` philosophy: I know that I do not know. Well, this also makes me nervous from time to time, but I learnt to implement Sokrates idea to a relatively high degree. I had to, latest when I migrated to Africa, The Gambia. I could not have managed my life in The Gambia by the idea that I would know something better than the Natives: In the Gambia I had to accept Voodoo as an existing reality or I would not have survived my migration. I would not have been able to defend myself by either the Arrogance, alternative the Ignorance is bliss road of idiotism. I had to learn the means of Voodoo and so I did. Somehow I never had been picking up that racial disgrace towards the black race as being inferior. They are not inferior nor superior, they are just in a different way ignorant and in a different way clever than the other races. Yes, I had wanted to stay there for ever ... things came different. My destiny brought me back to Europe, Germany. Also my trial to stay in Jamaica failed. So I know, what Gathafi is talking about when he says, that God gave the Earth to all mankind. There is another force, which denies that freedom to the people. I can`t just stay in the Djungle of Jamaica: I would need a permit to stay by an entity called State. And if not that, I would probably get problems with the Natives, who might not like me to stay in their region? The red tribes finally came to that very conclusion, that it is better to defend themselves against the never ending flood of people coming from Europe and Africa. They had been changing their mind: Allthough they had had that philosophy like Gathafi and also me, that there is no owner of Earth nor parts of the Earth, they got to realize, that these invasions weren`t that natural but designed towards their genocide. Meanwhile many people think, that excluding the white race was that brutal, that we went everywhere and genocided whoever was first on that land. I guess someone needs to create an enemy, not so? It gives somehow some kind of certainty or security, if the enemy is clear: Before it had been only a dead red men who had been a good red men. Well, that scheme might be useful again, when only the colour gets changed. Only a dead white man seems to be a good white man pretty soon. The growing awareness about that Agenda among some white people, not excluding some Germans, sometimes rebrews ugly words and resentiments against the black race as inferior. Robotic (programmed) minds are working on high level teaming up with those feelings of insecurity, what the future is going to bring. Again: most people, unless they can still remain in the state of denial, can`t live with Socrates`: I know that I do not know. And so they are running out to find some security: Hitler is getting late friends these days, not in Germany but among the Anglosaxons in Northamerica and UK. Finally some have found out that the Jewish are "his" or  "they" or the "Illuminati". And so they conclude that Hitler must have been a nice guy, who tried to get rid of the Jewish because he had been their enemy. They bring well arguements about the HollowHoax and things, smelling that something with that story is pretty much his or their or an illuminated story but not the truth. Would they go that far to speculate, that them Jewish were probably well spared out from that real holocaust,  in which Hitler brought the Germans together with his Anglo-Saxon friends and Stalin: Let them all die, as more as more better? Who really died in that WWII? Well, Russians, Germans and Japanese just to mention the main damaged populations. Somehow miracleous the Anglo-Saxons of UK and America but also the Suisse people also got spared out from the kill list. The amounts of their sacrifices sound like peanuts compared with the populations of Germany, Russia and Japan. That history is so confused and confusing  that is somehow even comfortable for the brain to join Socrates`s ideas,to know not to know. We can also use that more populaire analogy for common folks by the way of their fairy tales, Rumpelstilzchen: How fine that no one knows, that my name is Rumpelstilzchen.  You see, it is not that difficult to get on that road of ignorance is bliss. It is possible for simple people but much more common for others, to exchange names like robes. Things are a matter of royalty: Can you imagine that there are still English people, who do not know, that their taxes get collected for a German Queen? Changing names is really not that difficult: from Saxen Coburg Gotha to Windsor; how does that sound? More English? God save the Queen... iiiiieh, when will that hell end? My dear celtic brothers and sisters in the UK, you better wake up to the truth because ignorance is sometimes but not always bliss. That Serpent and her allies do not only melk you people but all the people on Earth. The Common Wealth had never been that common but exclusive for them Royals and their Churches. While you stay racist or religious or both, they do not, at least not concerning the question on who next they wish to parasite. This time somehow their greed seems to have brought them out of their usually clever mind: they wish to fight all mankind by their war on terror. Depopulation by the amount of 90 percent that is something, isn`t it? May be they felt bored with the amounts of their usual blood sacrifices and now feel the need for a real challenge. Or is there another kind of force which makes them to take that risk to try their luck against all mankind? Is there really some kind of awakening of mankind towards their inner goodness on its way to come out like a shining star? Are we getting ready to fight that Evil out of our midst? How can we do that, if we do not even know, who that Evil is? The religious people even think, that God or Allah is the creator of that shit. Desperately they are waiting for Bible or Koran Prophecy: Armageddon at the end of times. They are so desparate that they would even help to let their Armageddon get reality. It is somehow frustrating to talk all the time about the prophecies and they never come through. Something must be done about it. I hope that enough people realize soon, that these religions are part of that Evil just like all other ideologies. In Germany the fears of the invading Islamic people is growing by the days. And what shall I say? It is not Gathafi coming to visit us but who knows???? They invading migrants might be properly infected not only with drugs (like the rebells in Lybia) but with their literally taken  Jihad towards everybody who is not believing what they are believing (even if most Muslims never read the Koran; just like most Christians never read the Bible). We simple do not know, which kind of people are getting flooded into Germany by the thousands per day. Another Genodice on Germans on the way?? The Eastern German people seem to smell the danger ... do they? I do not know. The Western Germans do not support their ideas like presented here. They are screaming like not normal: We are the Folk. Which one? Germany was devided after the war in 3 even 4 parts: Westgermany (under US-UK-France occupation); Eastgermany (under Russian occupation and clearly even to be seen on their former flag under Freemason Occupation) and  Eastprussia was gifted to Polland, only former Königsberg now Kaliningrad was taken by Russia. So, about which folk are we talking now? After 60 years of separation there is no more We are the Folk. Westgermany was cultivated as German-Turkey country plus other refugees from all over the world wherever our US Freedombringers had been causing Regime-Change and Demo-Crazy. The old DDR was held nearly without any foreigners but excluding Germans. The Eastprusseans vanished somehow into nowhere. Polish people got their properties and land or who knows exactly: even plenty of polish people migrated to Germany over many many years (from about 1970 and ongoing). While communist Poland still existed they came to Westgermany under the banner of being of German blood ... meanwhile this tribal bloodstream got outlawed by the Merkel-Regime and all her fascist green allies. When the DDR and BRD got united, nothing really brought Eastgermans and Westgermans together. The West remained multicultural, the East not. So it is not really a wonder that the Easterngermans are screaming like shit against the refugees while the West tries to stay calm and prays that no Hitler-Storm gets renewed overthere. The Western-Germans cannot risk any devide-and conquer games between Ex-Migrant-Germans and ourselves and we also do not want that. Many of us in the West are friends with migrant-Germans. The thing is, that the Eastern people were already screaming against foreigners after the wall was put down.  On the other hand: what it is being done to us now, is really genocide, not only for the real Germans but also for the unreal-Germans, who were born and grown here. We are now losing by the minutes, at least -it feels like that- our roots and as far as we could have healed them after WWII. And the same thing happens of course with the Turkish-Germans, who might now feel more Turkish than German even they grew up with us and among us. I realized already some kind of separating use of language. Things get tribal underlined somehow and that tribe cannot get called TurkGerman. We will get used to get called pretty soon as: you people (meaning German), clearly differentiating themselves from us (the turkish, arabic....) On top of that confusion there are also plenty of Turkgermans who can just leave Germany and go to Turkeyin case things here should get too hot. Many of them have houses overthere and also here in Germany. Most Germans can`t go anywhere, at least not those, who could not do that already in earlier days. But yet we have the lefties/Greenies, not the professionals but the brainwashed ones, who cannot get over their never ending helper-syndrom. This is as more the case as less they can realize that we are being sprayed with Chemtrails. In that ignorance is bliss mode towards Geoengineering are of course also plenty of the immigrants. Otherwise, the awareness about the complete threat by the name of Agenda21 towards all mankind, could unite us and solve the so called refugee crisis. We could turn the devide and conquer tool against the New World Order and also understand that all the wars must be stopped just like all the rest of the shit. But that situation has not yet arrived. Among the Germans we have an empty gap between "Good-Man" (Lefties/Greenies) and "Bad-Man" (mainly Easterngermans or pretty conservative people) . God thanks we have also a lot of those who clearly know where the threat comes from and have knowledge about Agenda21. By the same time things really feel somehow lonely and lost: the tribal, not racists, but tribal German mind seems to have died. But that mind had not died by the incoming refugees but by those who are among the buerocrats and NGOs: many of them are not tribal Germans but well german speaking Slavic people. So, what to do? Stay calm folks. Get some food and take care on yourself and your children. Also take care on the incoming refugees; stay in contact with them, if possible but also do not allow anyone to dominate you. Do not get mad but try to differentiate between real good and real bad people: do not go blind by any ideology or religion, colour of skin or nationality, gender issue. You must focus on mankinds survival and our freedom. Fuck the system not the people, no matter where they come from. We can`t do anything about that organized flood of migrants: it is happening. The question is how we are dealing with that: please do not cry out for more police nor militaire. You only make the NWO-Gangsters happy how easily they got their way to install their policestate. If any defence-forces should be necessare then organize them with your communities.

Here now is coming something, with power: demonstration of 4000 people in Germany/Middle-East/08.11.2015 (only in German language) Another view from Sweden Another view from the US So you know, what to do, don`t you? Stay calm, inform people about the bigger plan, preserve your culture but do not go mad and violent: we will bring this Agenda 21 down: all together. Germans; remember: we had been the onliest people ever who were able to bring the Romans down. We will do it again: calm and steady, in solidarity with all tribes and nations who whish peace, love, harmony and wellness: that will be our Agenda 21. We will get another system (somehow like the Gathafi System: read his Green Book) and we will stop usury. We will restrict wealth, so that no one ever will be able with his overzeised wealth to buy mercenaries and to go with them around to rob and suppress other people, to destroy the environment and even to attack our animals. We will give land to the people for free and we will create the paradize we were dreaming of for so long time: now is that time.
This designed human trafficking is going on in Lybia since the Western criminal governments where bringing their bombs and special junky mercenaries as a matter of democracy to them

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