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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Dr. David Yeagley, The Indean`s advice

Interesting Interview and Views, Mister Yeagley`s Website //Mister Yeagley died in 2014 but let us inherit some helpful thoughts. Latest since the unleashed and clearly mass organized migration of so called refugees especially directed towards the Viking and Germanic Warrior Tribes who might still remember that there was a life before the Roman-British-Slavesystem succeeded, we can`t play around with Love, Peace and Harmony Welcomer attitudes of Lefties and New-Agers, who appear to be part of the enemy within under Angelic leadership. It is by the way them, who destructed all kind of germanic folklore or things like that and exchanged those traditions into nothing than Welcomer Attitudes for foreign traditions and folklore. I must know because I was living through that agenda ... at the beginning as a lefty by myself. In Germania the Communists would have appreciated every turkish, greek and folklore from Chile but Germanic,especially Germanic resistance?  At least I did not meat them lefties yet in my childhood so that I still know the fairy tails the Germanic Freemasons Grimm wrote for us, indeed embedding real Germanic fairy tails into the new non-dialectic High German language. Yes folks, they did it already: creating a new language ...nothing new for them folks, to exchange languages from tribal dialects to national languages .... guess what will come next (at least if they get their way; a pretty simple form of English in the West and simplified Chinese in the East...something like that) In German trains we must suffer already to be greated in English. While people are scaring the Invasion of migrants from Africa and the Middle East ...Do they see the English Banker Invasions into Germany on order of the red blood lineI see them everywhere: open your eyes. While you are focused on black hairs and skin ... behind the scene are those who really troubled the European tribes all along.

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