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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

All roads lead to Rome, some of them take shortcuts through SuiSSe

It should be known that the so called neutral SuiSSe is not that neutral at all unless for the neutralisation of money, gold and of course some other treasures.

Already the word neu-tral contains the German word neu meaning new in English. Of course, if this word is applied to par example a natural phenomenon like the spring or such nice days with a new love in heart and mind which usually arrives right in front of the summertime, we cannot see anything wrong in being "neutral", can we? Of course not. To start a new life can only happen through the release of the old one. But a new life is not to be confused with the exchange of a bad character into an angelic charakter of a man or woman. In such cases it happens pretty often that this   technique is used. And that is for what the Suisse is good for. 

Like in a save heaven -protected by parts of the Alps- and meanwhile even reachable through the Gotthard Tunnel (lately opened and celebrated through a very bizarre Satanic Ritual) all the riches and their treasures can now appear and also disappear easily in the Schwesterland (sisterland-Switzerland) of them, who we are still trying to identify.  In case you should have missed it: Gathafis gold- it was not mentioned as gold of Gathafis people, the Lybeans- ended up here. Why? Weren`t they bombing the Lybean people to bring them some democracy? Wouldn`t those people freed from its so called tyrant need their gold them own? Now, let me ask you something: If you would not like to be called Attila the Hun - the most evil on Earth.  If anyway you would not like to be discovered, wouldn`t you direct the accuses to someone else? It is not really a very intelligent way to do but therefore an effective way which already children know to use. This skill can of course be trained; if so done even over centuries the outcome should be pretty sophisticated.   

These days we are seeing the rise of accuses towards the Jewish again and by the same time we are also seeing the rise of Nazi-friendly-researches so as if Hitler and his fellows had been friendly people who only wished to prevent Communism. Things are quiet confusing, aren´t they? Our heads seem not to be able to switch things together. We can only see a good man on one hand so that another one on the other hand must be bad in case of a dispute between them. The whole western democracy model is based on that problem of our minds.  We are easily deceived to choose between the red pill and blue pill allthough both of them are nothing else than poison. Even in the video The huns of the Alps we can see these confusions. 

Some days ago Google finished Palestine of the Maps; isn`t that a sign, that the Jewish are the hidden leaders on the Globe? Well, who was involved in the creation of ISRAEL? Had it probably been part of that fine operation to kill off as much as indigineous Germans, Russians and Japanese by  the Thesis and Antithesis between National-Socialists (Germany) and International-Socialists and to thunnel this into the new Thesis (America) and Antithesis (the Sowjetunion). Did the Nazis really loose in that war? Or just the Germans, Russians and Japanese? Well, we know that Jewish and Muslim people had been living in Palestine in peace for centuries. I do not think that any of them jewish and muslim Palestines really needed that invasion into their land which was planned in Basel in the year 1897. As said above: Evil people just change their clothes and things seemed to be renewed. If you ask me: Nazis and Zionists are the same people. Right now they are working on their Greater ISRAEL project which will have its capitol in Astana. The parasites are shapeshifting themselves across the Earth in all kind of clothes (meaning names and organisations), this time it seems they wonna go back to where they came from: Kasachstan. But first of all they love to play out the Apocalypse.

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