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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Draculas, the powers that should not be any more

In the former post I was writing that the Nazis are indeed Zionists, the same kind of people, who are just shapeshifting themselves through different labels of atheistic or religious institutions . As long as these organisations can bring you to "believe" into any kind of dogma which fits into their agenda to rule the world, it does not matter that much, in which one of them they get you to believe in and also to follow. 

But for centuries the main religions had been useful enough to scare people into the positions of sinners and sheeples. And so they are of course still "intact", useful tools who can and are being renewed, especially after that relatively long time of socialist and communist philosophies especially in Russia and Europe. 

The comeback of religion is of course strong in America. Americans are -sorry to say so- gullible enough and so are the Arabs and Africans. The big problem were/are the Germans and the Russians, people who are relatively used to use philosophy and intuitive senses and do not get frightened such easily to question authorities - at least compared with other populations. There is not only a geopolitical reason which drives the powers that should not be to try everything to get a big gap between Germans and Russians. There is also a spiritual reason for this. The intellectual and intuitive senses are too strong to be conquered if both -Germans and Russians- stick together. This is already on its way and will get unstoppable because Germans and Russians are demanding this. It happens already that people start to do it themselves. And I am pretty sure that this movement will grow.

There is a reason for the ongoing war on the white race like there had been a reason for the war on the red race. The red people were pretty much immune against religious bullshit without inner connection to their own spirit. Alcohol did it finally and is still used to weaken the red race even further on aside all the other atrocities which were and are done on them people. They did not need Jesus, they were by themselves Jesus, so to speak. All indigeneous people had been Jesusses, not meaning anything else than: I am. Read the word Jesus and you get the french word: Je suis and that means nothing different than: I am. Who else could you be than yourself? Well, you could be a mindless robot: someone who follows the actual socialengineering tablets: fashions, trends and so fort including religions and  the drugdescriptions of your doctors. Did you ever argue with a mindless robot whether he should really take those drugs or better use some Vitamin C, exhange his food and try to get some more sunshine and less stress? I gave that up as these robots won`t  consider for a minute that their white God could be misleading them into suffernis and even death. I really wonder why Americans are such afraid from events like 911. They are loosing about 400.000 people each year to the death bringing doctors and around 800.000 children to pedophiles.

Communism does not fit any longer allthough it had been good enough during the 20th century to kill off Germans, Russians and Japanese through the communist revolution, WWI and WWII. These dangerous German and Russian warriors could have been a threat for the planned New World Order. The powers that be do not scare to face the truth: they just analyse who could be the wolves under the sheeple and could be able to let them powers that should not be run into their own hell. They know that this danger does not come from black African people and neither from Arabs. Nevertheless the parasites did their very best to kill off as much Arabs and Africans as possible during the last decades. Depopulation is not a new but a pretty old "tool" of those powers who should not be. Once they ripped off half of the European population by the use of the black plaque. And you are better prepared for a refreshing of that tool (Vitamin C; Collodial Silver).

Only a fool believes that such epidemics just happen; they were tools of biologic warfare against the ordinairy people back then as they are now by the use of chemtrails and fluorides. The powers that should not be cannot have what they call overpopulation. There is no such thing than real overpopulation but as they are few, they must hold us -who are many- in seizes which they can manage. It is the onliest logical explanation which there is for all the wars and plaques. Hold on: there is another one: Blood, organs and stemcells. We are talking here about Draculas.

Let us get back to the religions. At least in the Western Abrakadabra Religions they all have one main story as their final horrortrip: Armageddon. And the gullible robots of course believe in that shit as creation of their god who would love them allthough of his horrific killer-dreams of the Endtimes. At any time when I tried to read that story (revealation) I could not really finish it and had to start again. I could also not help myself out of that disgust by taking that story as analogy. It is written as it is written and words do impress our souls. If it were meant differently, other words could have been used. So I suggest they were meant to impress our souls; to frighten us to death and to make us gullible. But, my friends, the story is such nusty, that you must ask yourself, which kind of God should have created that. Wake up to some logic. Christianity offers suicide in the Endtimes. You will be beheaded, if you do not take the mark of the beast, but you will end up in heaven. Super!

For some reason it even happens that this Armageddon shall be channeled into Greater Israel. As we know this is already ongoing. America got spiritually poisoned enough by the past of the Genocide on the red people and all the terror which went further was also poisoning the white and black people. So they are desperate enough to send their sons and meanwhile also daughters all over the Globe to continue with the Genocides. At least it brings some money in to pay off the bills for the houses which were bought on credits.

While Americans are thinking of themselves to be a great nation (based on what?????) they are indeed more a fucked up nation through enforced migrations since its very birth. America, former Turtle Island, got "replanted" with people from everywhere. We are having a saying in Germany:

Do not remove an old tree from its stemplace because it will die.

Americans lost their original traditions on the way over the Atlantic/Pacific, no matter if they were white, black or yellow people. A tree without roots is a dead tree. If masses of people get transplanted like that was done with the new Americans, a disaster was to be expected. This was of course the case for the native people, as written above, but also for the transplanted people. It was socialengineering and had been working out like all inorganic interventions work out: more than horrific.

We are not talking about some few pioneers who just loved to visit red people in overseas: we are talking about tons of people who were shipped overseas after all kind of terror games in their original continents. Neither white nor black nor yellow people came to America just to face there much of red people, who would of course defend their territories: sooner or later. They were themselves running away from atrocities in their homecountries. Think about that; just think about such kind of socialengineering project and how that really was for the people back then. A humanitarean catastrophy. Of course it got shown again and again in TV as if these things went on nicely and romantically. How many European refugees who were running from European perpetrators got perpetrators them own in the Newland? The amount of killed natives differs somewhere between 60 and 100 Million people. That means that the new culture was based on murder. This works out fine? I do not think so: it continues to this very day. Even native people started to "serve" in the American army: overseas. In such society without roots the onliest thing on which people can  hold on gets religion. I cannot think of any country where we might find more ministries and fundamental religious folks than in America. And that is our very problem even today. Americans got addicted with blood; they can`t even call their militairy ways all over the Globe as massmurder but call it: serving the country. Imagine yourself as the wife of a Vietnam Veteran. Can you? Now he is back and alive. And what? I leave it with you to think about that yourself ...

Are you an American, then you might know. I am not an American. I am  just a German and born into that generation which opposed wars. If I were a wife of a Veteran I would have divorced him even before he got a Veteran. I could not deal with a babykiller aside me. We are not in the age of warfare where men fight men. These Veterans are no heroes at all, they are just coward killers who find pleasure in killing babies and unarmed people. They get high from it. They are a kind of pedofiles.

About 70 percent of American men got treated right after their birth with circumcision and in case they were Jewish, so called Rabbis were drinking their blood by that "ceremony" of terror. I wonder where the blood of the catholic and other Christian boys goes? I wonder if such experiences cause such kind of weakett people who will lateron get pedofiles and babykillers? How could that even happen that so much of American parents could slip into such procedure? The following interview is at least a good starting point to break that spell of the Draculas.

But, why people ever even came on such ideas to cut off their genitals. Isn`it obviously that it is a blasphemy towards the real creative force? Isn`it even against all kind of natural feelings of selfdefence not to mutulate ones genitals? Something is very strange with these circumcisions, which are taking effectively power away from humans. Who could have such interest to weaken us and to drink our blood?

Genesis 6:2King James Version (KJV)

"2 That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose."

Did you ever see that?  The sons of God are obviously from another race than the daughters of men. So, how then can they take the daughters of men? Are the bodies compatible. I found that not by my own but within the following video:

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