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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Wales and the Queen of Sheba

There had been a time when the Queen of Sheba felt bored among all those "monkeys" back in Africa that she went to visit some Aristocrats in Wales.  She was very impressed of their buildings, even somehow envy....

Well, I was telling you history. I needed to make some money and the British Crown a new story. This castle is actual not in Wales but in Ethiopia where you can even find some more of such huge and impressive castles. Yes, if you start to look into histories you actually find some miracles, especially about the story telling capabilities of the British Crown. Didn`t they tell us not too long ago and when the history of aids was started, that all the Africans were pretty skinny because of their never ending starvations and poverty due to their too closed relationship with Monkeys? Since 1980 onwards mankind had never been what it was before. The story of the "African relationship with monkeys" brought mankind down to its knees. What Feminism alone could not do, HIV could. It would have altered the relationships between men and women deeply by giving it the special touch of plastic. Millions of people died by that special disease which had turnt the most natural thing between men and women in some kind of suicide bombing. A simple One-Night-Stand could have had you blown away. People were of course scared to death and if this did not met the intended goal of extermination: a bit of chemotherapy and other means of so called medicin would have done it properly. Warfare changed a bit since the times of Camelot, or? Well, not really. Opium was as well known to the British Crown as the Viruses of Pestilencia and Cholera. They just love weapons of massdestruction even to such degree, that they go hunting for them in Irak. And if they cannot find any they will bring some along, be asured. The British Crown (and her allies of course) knows its business. The question is more, if you know what they are capable of. 

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