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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Dialektik: Thesis and Antithesis

I hope that people finally understand, that we get constantly manipulated with smokescreens created by the same source to bring people against each other. Things are created by the same means: our (mankinds) beloved enemies are constantly creating at least  two opposing sides including their mindsets (thesis and antithesis), so that destabilisations and -following those phases- wars can be induced. Big money and the power over mankind is the result. People can understand that only if they do a big step outside of the mind-box shown on the picture. People must understand that the same cube is built in Mecca and also constitutes the Cross of the Christians. If you listen these days to the leading priests of these religions you find them all preparing their religious followers for the finale days, the Armageddon, and who will finally build the temple in Jerusalem. We can all see how our beloved enemies through the whore of Babylon (US) attacked the Middle Eastern Countries since 911, when it got time to bring in the final harvest before the Interest Rates of the States would finally collapse so that real values would have to be handed over. 

Our beloved enemies are playing Monopoly with the people of the world. And none of us is holding the Bank, do we? Meanwhile at least the intelligent people of all countries should have understood, that all the States are under the command of the same source and their only duty is to create debt for their citizens by the way of borrowing fiat money and fraudulent taxes. These frauds would of course not function, if our beloved enemies would not be protected by armed forces, which can be used to control people within a specific State (police) and those armed forces who can be used to storm into countries to take their real values. It is a big sucking machine built on 3 levels: the banking system, the armed forces and religions. The religious groups of course get people "hot" when finally things get brought to the point of collapse: for their god they will move out and kill those who follow the wrong God or even no God. You can easily see these games, if you put yourself into your mind into some kind of spaceship and whatch the whole Globe (even those who are actually busy with thinking that the Globe is actually flat). You can see how since 911(the emergency call) the Middle Eastern countries got attacked, one after the other one by all sorts of lies and without any grace. It is specifically sad that the Whore of Babylon (US) is still not able to understand how they get played like the Romans, who were attacking all the European indigenous people once. Those days they also installed Christianity. Get it folks: it is not the original European Religion and it was not taken by the indigenous people of Europe by free will. This never happened. It took the Romans (roman by the way means novel, so you better get it: we are dealing not only with crucial armed forces but also with storytellers) some 1000 years to finally overcome the free indigineous European folks and get them to bow down to Christianity, meaning their always jealeous God Jehovah. This god did not change because of Jesus! Jesus was given to make the European folks defenseless. Armed forces cannot control people for a long while but must eat, do they not? Mercenaries are asking first for food from their masters before their will ask for their share on Jewelry. So they need the occupied folks to work and pay taxes. And so they need them to believe into a savior: that at least after the hard ship on Earth things might get better in heaven. Jesus then would bring them into the paradise - the afterlife, as if there were no paradise right here on Earth, at least without these berserkers, these criminals, who created terror all over the world. Jesus did not die for you nor me, he did not exist but in creation of those sources who also created Jehohav, the always jealeous God. Especially Americans should get now better aware that this is so, an illusion which was given to the occupied and terrified indigeneous European folks by the Roman-Tellers and their armed forces: as a means of further terror (you will die on the Cross like Jesus) and also something to cling on when getting tortured. The same thing got established within the Arab world by the way of Mohammed, another savior for the same purposes. The Pope is very right when telling you that there is essentially nothing different between Christianity and Islam. The differences which we know nevertheless do not come out of Christianity but the opposition to it by the European folks and clinging on their own values as before Christianity (so far possible). These Roman-Storytellers know this and they also know how deeply they got the folks on Earth into sheepledom; it might have got even boring to them berserkers over the centuries. So now they are up to their next big kick: much more blood than ever,. the worldwide desaster they wish to create. They are flooding now all the Muslims into Europe and Northamerica and Australia for the next big Hallelujah, the crash of civilisations: Christianity versus Islam. And as more sheeple fanatics there are  (those who ever believed in those Roman-Jewish-Storytellers) as more we will have to deal with by the bloodshed they wonna cause. Don`t you ever get it? Hope you do in time. I am talking to you America! Stop your wars on the Middle East; you have been attacking lateley Irak, Lybia and Syria ....and your new Savior (this time in orange masque) talks already from the next attack against Iran. Please, at least if you are a white man of European origin, put your religious bullshit down and defend your people over there, your families. Understand that the Bible and the Koran are re-written books who in reality were talking once about the Stars, the Sun (Jesus) and the Moon (Mohammed) and Medicin (how the human body is built) aside other science. 

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