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Sunday, 19 February 2017

The Germans

Born after so called WWII in Germany I like all my german comrades got educated by the victors of the war. They wrote the books and they told the teachers what to teach and what not. To get a vivid impression of that nice idea of our re-education have a look into this masterwork of lies of the time. Here you get part 2. The funny part though had been: we, the children, who would receice the education of the victors, would not be told anything about that. That probably could have caused some ???. Probably not even our parents got informed that their children will be brought up against them, of course not. I remember how shocked my Mother looked at me, when I confronted her with the Jewish question and how all that could have happened. " We did not know anything about that" had not only been my mothers answer but the answer of nearly all parents. Of course, so we were thinking, they need to hide their crimes, otherwise they would remember. I also did not want to hear any kind of complaint about my mothers and her family refugee situation. They got bombed, raped and frozen out of Eastprussia. I remember how my mother told me that they left their farm and home with Liesel, the horse, who had to carry them all: the grandparents, the 7 daughters: within siberean temperatures over a small ice-road over water (Haff) and under bombs. All of them Eastgermans got driven out of their homelands, in long tracks with those horses they would run to the west and try to survive. Knowing if the Russian Red Army Soldiers would get them, they would get raped and then embodied, crucified or otherwise killed. Not knowing of course what the West would have to offer, it had not been better. Hellstorm had been created for the Germans. But I would not accept my mothers claims for pitty ....because I was re-educated. I had been swalling that poisoneous pill that our parents were the biggest murderers the world ever got to face: Nazis.

Our parents would not say a word again. What else should they do? Even they were facing how their children got alienated to them, they would be quiet, not knowing what more worse could happen to their children within the re-education-system. I remember how all the parents had been pretty scared about the socialworkers from the youthdepartments, who could take children away. Probably they did the right thing by being quiet and pressing their tears down, what made them all looking somehow frozen. This face used to scare me because I would of course not know how to interprete it. So we got the perfect  rebellious generation lateron, we would not accept parental authority. But, and that might not have been part of the Re-Educators intentions: We would not accept the State either. At least many of us. Out of something from within we would start to question things. But the enemy within would have noticed already that we got out of line and so we got bombarded with the curses of the Frankfurt School.. We would get socialistic minded. Many of us at least. America infected also themselves. Indeed things emerged into a war on the West or easier said into the war against the entire white race. However the centre in it all was the war on the Germans. Benton Bradberry  gives a good survey to begin with. Please do not forget: Nationalsocialism is still socialim and got used in fact already on my parents as well as on the Russean people.

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