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Monday, 27 February 2017

Let us reason a bit about races and racism, part 3

What meets the eye should be obvious and is by the way part of the definition of science. Science operates on observation and experimentation, which both together bring solide proofs that something is or is not, can be done or cannot be done. It is also intertwined if not based on desire, will power and imagination. That simply means, if you have no desire to cook your food in a vessel but feel comfortable to either eat raw food or food which you prepare in or over fire, then not even the imagination of something like pottery enters your (inner) eye let alone any trials to produce it. For the last part you do not only need the desire but also the power of will so that you can endure your experimentations till you get a result according to your wishes. 

Unfortunately many people came to believe (meaning: to be lied to) that science would be something for experts, who I prefer to call story tellers because most of them are seldom the inventors of something, let alone of something useful for mankind; par example most folks in modern medicin. Most of their "science" is simply quackery; it works but different than you thought it would. Accept a chemotherapy and know that by 97% you will soon be dead after a good while of tuff pains. So, unfortunately science can also be used to poison or kill you.

May be you have had invented a nice building, something like a castle or palace. Could well be that another one cannot do this by him own but desires to have it. So medicin used to float between good and evil, at least for a very long part in his- and also our-story. Of course there are other scientist who are doing well in all categories mentioned above. Many of them die by unusual death, in case that we can still classify murder as something unusual. So you should not be gullible and believe into any of them experts till proven to you,  that they really are, what they pretend to be.

Hopefully you can see that science must be and is in fact also part of your own life? At least, I guess, you change the doctor, if he had killed already most of your familymembers, don`t you? So you got a desire of staying alive in best case also healthy and the will power to endure the experimentations ... on your family members ...till you find a result which meets your wishes (your survival). Unfortunately we must find these days that many people do not match the criterias of science any longer. You can almost give them any kind of poison, another pill or a smart phone: they are finished. We can only hope for a kind of resurrection for them. Otherwise we must admit:
Cro-Magnon is nearly dead, hopefully those with more European Neanderthal DNA can overcome those kind of experimentations which once  might have startet with some sort of romantical love. In case of the Red Indeans this went horrific astray.

Well, who could have resistet such beautiful ding ding? I could not! And this might have been the sweet result in other cases of strong attractions. But the story tellers about those sweet results prefer of course other stories than those which meet the eyes. Well let me tell you my story, which is always based on :

What meets the eyes is obvious! 

Black people are different from white people. Do I need to mention that they as well as white people are different from yellow people? Well I am not that sure how the red man fits in: Are they Neanderthalensis (white man) or Homo Sapien Sapiens (black man) or Denisovans (yellow man) or all of it or an entire own specie?

Let me stay with what I know by observations and experimentations (please note, that humor is not given to everyone. The thing is that I had white lovers as well as black lovers and that sums up to observations and experiences). So let me talk about Neanderthalensis and Homo Sapien Sapiens and their love for each other. Love? Yes, of course! It fucking happened. Again and again! Sometimes secretely and probably ending like in Romeo & Julia because the Bloodlines of them did not agree into their love and it also happened by force due to slavery, arranged marriages and voodoo.

Meanwhile by the way you should know that slavery was not an invention of white folks but white folks were rather those who finished it, at least in the countries of their influence including most of the African countries. Please black people get your facts clear out of a black mens mouth (somehow he got a Jew???) and stop insulting white people as being guilty for that shit. It is called by the way racism, to put guilt on an entire people; things get even more bad, if not only the whole race (or specie) gets spoken guilty for some of their members guilt but despicable, if the freedom, which was gained so far, was reached by those, who some of you relentlessly accuse based on lies while enjoying their achievements. But these notes move now into topics beyond biological affairs and will be discussed in another post, probably as part 4 of this little serie. Let us get back to the biological affairs.

What is it, that meets the eyes so that we can differentiate between species and/or races? There are of course the obvious signs like the colour of skin, the colour of hairs and the colour of the eyes.

Neanderthals, as more original or pure they are, do not have black skins, nor black hairs, nor black eyes. They have either blond, ashblond, ginger or brown hairs, which are not complete soft and flat but from a bit soft and flat to curley but still soft hairs. The colour of their eyes are blue, grew, green or brown - sometimes even a mixture of those colours. All non-Neanderthals have black hairs and at least brown if not even black eyes. Asians and Red Indians (North- and Southamerica) have flat and soft black hairs while black people have as the onliest race (or specie) black Rastas, which are much stronger structured than the hairs of all other folks. No one could so far explain somehow reasonable how the black race, if the Out-of-Africa-Theory would be true, could manage to transform those genetical markers in those of the other races and why this should have appeared. Even if their hybrid children are opposed to Northern Climates no changes of the black genetic markers appear than those given by the Neanderthal or Denovian. In most cases the curley rasta hairs are even dominant. But I have seen also a girl with strong blong curley but soft Neanderthal hairs with otherwise much of black-people markers, just like those children shown already above.

Apart from those commonly well known genetical markers of the races/species there are much of other differences between them, which make the Out-of-Africa-Theory even more unbelievable. A pretty dominant marker is that of the bottom. Anyone with eyes knows that only black people have bottoms which are much stronger and outstanding than those flat bottoms of Neanderthals and Denisovans. This is not a secret. Some black tribal people even have strong outward going soles. Then again we find something pretty significant. Black Africans have more and denser skin layers than the other races. The list of all what meets the eyes could be continued but is not intented by this author. Intended is, that readers check the facts and do not pretend that we are all equal though we are obvious not equal. I had been with my black spouse at a doctor where a bloodtest should be done. This got somehow funny because the medical stuff did not know how to enter the needle into his skin. The lady was scared to death to probably hurt him but also shocked that her normal approach of the needle did not function. Only when I told her, that he has more skin layers than white people have, she got couraged to put much more force on the procedure. I hear you crying ... but please hold on: No, my friend could not speak for him own because he spoke French. In Germany this language is not commonly spoken, okay???? You see how Cultural Marxism works? It enters like a viruse in peoples brain so that they cannot base anything naturally on what meets their eyes and senses. And in some medical emergencies such non-sense can be pretty dangerous as you can see by the given example. You would not have such mental confusions, if dogs from different races or even species like wolf-dogs were concerned, would you?

To complete this little lecture on differences between the races/ethnies/species, you should also know, that we react naturally shy and even frightened towards people from other races/species. All of us, alike if Neanderthals, Denisovans or Homo Sapien Sapiens feel like that way even if many white people would pretend (according to their brainwashings: We are all the same...) as if they were not shy nor scared at all.

But the reality of the different Species/Rases are so seriously embedded into our nature (inner knowledge), that at first contact we cannot even see the differences between the people of foreign specie. All black people seem to be look alikes, all asians seem to be look-alike- and vice versa, if they see white people. At first, the differences are so overwhelming that naturally inner distance and a sort of self defence occurs but cultural marxist will have you believe otherwise. Like other ethnies/species/races please my fellow white Neanderthals, free yourself from cultural marxism and their mind controland agendaWe are living in times in which you will need to defend yourself. You will be perceived as what you are and so you should also perceive and act based on your intuitions: they will show you, if things are really friendly, pretended as friendly or whatever.

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