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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Let us reason a bit about races and racism, part 2

We have found already the definitions for the terms specie and race in part 1.

The term race ( now leaving the other uses out) appears to be a subcategory under the term specie, isn`it? Let us have a deeper look into that in the animal world.

Source of the picture 

You might wonder what had happened, if you are among the elder generations. Noop! No more races ... Remember that we learnt already from Encyclopedia Brittanica, that this "social contruct" had to disappear and so it did, at least concerning the term. Because the Bear came into my mind as a good example to explain the order between specie and race, I just felt into the trap by my first google-click. We do not use that term anymore but specie instead. Look it up under The Eight (8) Bear species of the world.

What again had been the definition for a specie?

"Species, in biology, classification comprising related organisms that share common characteristics and are capable of interbreeding."

That means each of these Bear species can interbreed among themselves, or what? Let us look into this as well. Ups, suddenly we find another one ... Cappuccino Bear Probably you cannot understand German, so let me translate what it is being told by the German story-tellers: 

Scientest would classify this bear as hybrid between Ice-Bear and Grizzle Bear. Allthough this would sound funny it is in reality alarming, so they say. Scientest were thinking before, that the Ice-Bear and the Grizzle-Bear were not able to interbreed, at least their children would not be able to co-create. But all by a sudden Capuccinos of the second generation would be seen more and more... and now sit down, the point of the story comes: The Climate Change would be responsible for that. Guess the heat among their genitals made them hot, or so. And this would end up with the Grizzly as being the hotter one (?????? ask them story-tellers for their logic) However (for what we get no explanation) finally only some genes of the Ice-Bear would be left within the Grizzly-Bear. 

Does that sound familiar? Neanderthal is ringing in your brain? 

Or probably these question? 
White Genocide
Will the Brown Grizzly overtake?  
Africa for Black people alone? Sure? 
Or will it be more The Cappucino one

Let us ask Judas

Judas needs some sort of climate change; so now we know. The program is easy, at least to understand: Make people believe, that sinner-man-made Climate Change kills the Ice-Bear, so that it is better to block the sun and vaccinate the clouds ...and kill as much as Species as even possible, at least reduce them seriously but especially the Neanderthal. Let us find a reason like an emergency which looks like 911 and will give a perfect excuse to kill enough Arabs, so that the rest of them feels motivated to overrun the Neanderthal because he -the Neanderthal- will be constantly blamed for all what had happened worse. This liar agenda had been running since some decades and is called the Kalergi Plan. Constantly especially the black people got told, that they were enslaved by White Supremacy and this got channelled into the racial hatred against white people performed by Black Life Matters in the US and into a special kind of going along with Feminism and the Islamic Idea of world domination. It needs a kind of small thinking -I guess- to integrate all of these bullshit ideologies in one head but it really functioned. And it did not only function among black people but also among white people. May be we find some answers why this functioned here or here. May be a more simple answer is idiotism, which did not yet disappear from mankind. The Pied Piper Phenomen is known since a long time. I remember how we as children used to rhyme: Doof bleibt doof, da helfen keine Pillen (it means: Stupid remains stupid, no pills will help about it). Unfortunately the opposite is the case: pills and vaccinations help to stupify entire nations.

But back to Neanderthal. Were they part of the specie Homo Sapien Sapiens? In clever Wikipedia we learn, that Mankind had been classified from 1930 till 1990 as Homo sapien sapiens (meaning more clever than the homo sapien - the apeman) while the Neanderthal was classified as Homo sapien Neanderthalensis. Since 1990 Neanderthalensis does not count any longer as part of the Human specie. Clever Wikipedia tells us that Neanderthalensis now gets classified as apeman under the name Homo Neanderthalensis. Wow, the one with the big brain got declassified: not even a bit Sapien (wise, intelligent) is honored to him anylonger. Let us have a look at his brain again.

The skull on the right side is that one of Neanderthal. Do not know about you but for me it looks a bit like Pharaos head - at least concerning the seize. See another one here. And it does not look like this. But especially it does not really sound very clever to me why someone with a small brain should be more clever than someone with a bigger brain. The skull does not look like the head of this guy either. The Neanderthalensis skull and body does instead look for me more like the one of those who could have built Megalith buildings.

You see, something special happened, when they had found the Neanderthalensis Skull. The German Government could not hurry on faster to get the place digged under. The Grave looks now like this.
Could it be, that these people were hiding the white mens origin? Could it be that we, the white people, are at least hybrid-descendants of Neanderthalensis? And could it be that the death of that Ice-bear is such urgent for Judas because Neandethalensis is finally too strong and will overcome their desire to enslave the whole population? Meanwhile they could at least not hide any longer that only Europeans and Euraseans have Neanderthalensis DNS. For now and till part III,  I will leave you with the following video to let you overthink and research by your own, if it could be, that white Europeans are the descendants of the Neanderthals.

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