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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Let us reason a bit about races and racism, part 5

As I tried to establish we are on Earth neither built from one race nor from one race out of Africa. So, if that is true, we must ask, who is constantly promoting this theory even against such obvious signs like this. Well let us make things short: the Jews do not hide anymore, that they love the idea to mix the races and also explain us where this has to happenLet us listen what this famous guy has to say about this. But things run well so far and so Gods Chosen Ones feel happy that they could arrange to bring all the races and religions in nice chaos and massterrorism against each other while they will sit and laugh in Greater Israel. You know, some people just love to watch what is happening out there. They really love it. Well some get actually few bad feelings about their deeds. But what has to be done has to be done for a small fortune. And they pay of course the prize for that small fortune. And such tuff prices lead over times to other kind of observations. Remember  in Jugoslavia those lovely Chosen Ones from God started the destruction from Europe. They are everywhere, in the last decades mostly under the flag of the US. But the Russian Flag was also well to be misused. The Chosen Ones do not mind under which flag they are sailing as long they can hide themselves best. But now they think they can come up openly. Or is it, that they cannot hide anymore and are exposed everywhere?

Let me come to an end for this part. We now learnt that different races and ethnies obviously follow different morals. Still the Russians are trying to overcome the abuses with Alcohol after all the abuse of their people (guess by whose business). Well, for sure the Jewish idea of Sharia Law on white people will not be enforced on neither the Romaneans nor the Russeans. The Celts seem to have their fun as well. So, at least the Jewish subversive Revolution of bullshit refreshes the potence of the white men. And as far as our beloved Gods Chosen Ones took up a too big goal it could well happen that they need to find a pretty small Island where they can do the rest of their days just among themselves till they kill each other including their own children better than ours. By the way: is not by force but by choice. No one dictates the Jews to circumcize their sons and give them their first homosexual blow job just some (8) days after their arrival on Earth. The Jewish mothers instead of seducing all white people into bullshit - otherwise known as Feminism - could probably emancipate themselves first and chose to take care on their sons so that they will not be abused any longer and some of them get the biggest psychopaths the world has ever suffered. It is a choice and I am hereby suggesting all Jewish mothers: please have mercy and empathy for your sons. Take them away from your psychopathic Patriarchs. Run away from them. Hide yourself and your sons among white people and never go back. Get race-mixed with the white people who are living by common sense and reasoning. Part of that sense is empathy with our own kind. You are at the end of your people because we will not allow you any longer to destroy the entire world. You see, most of your sons get homosexuals, unable to procreate and now they are after our children and DNA. Please, think again before you must probably again be afraid from so called anti-semitism. Everything has a cause and you should not be the cause for anti-semitism, should you? So please, do what is right: God did not create men in your deluded ways but in his if not her ways. He made men of all species with a forescin. If you do not wish to understand this, okay: then your people will cease to exist because mankind cannot bear this anylonger. This is a matter of logic. We, the white people, who you jealeous so much, will defend ourselves and we are many, still more than you allthough of all the wars you had been inflicting on us. We will lead the various species of mankind into freedom of your bad deeds. Promise. So, please ...all you jewish mothers get wise in time and lead your people into freedom of misery as well. 

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