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Monday, 13 March 2017

Let us reason a bit about races and racism, part 6

At the beginning of this little serie I had been giving you the common definition of race which had been:

"What is a race? In many dictionaries you will find slightly different meanings for the term:
1. ´strong current of water`
2. ´run in competition against`
3. ´people of common descent`. "

I have declared that it is obvious, that mankind is at this point of ourstories a composition built from many races who appeared all around the Globe and that we can differentiate mainly 3 species as mother species: the Neanderthals (white people), the Denisovans (yellow people) and the Homo Sapiens (brown and black people). The so called red race, I think  is built from white people, yellow and brown people though I am not sure about this. The 3 species are so to speak the Originals from the Ab-Originals, to use an example in order to show the relationship between parents and children. To end all the debates and so called science around the topic, which is to this point of mankinds history a politicum filled with lies and unethical choices. So I want to reset things on the base of common sense. For that I had been offering the way to look at things by the phrase: What meets the eyes should be obvious. ´The eyes` are representing of course all the senses and our eperiences which are given to us and they get operated by our intelligence, also known as logos. This means that we are able to reason within ourselves and also with others. To suggest this way to you also helps you to free yourself from so called experts. They are 2-legs just like you with the difference that they get paid, sometimes huge amounts of money to either keep their mouth or to tell lies.

In the Bible we find in Genesis 1:26 said: "Let us make men in our image". Who are those experts who want to form men in their image? God? God talking to himself? You see who can form your perception of reality has the power to make you in his image. In the German language we have 2 words for to createzeugen (meaning to sire) and überzeugen (meaning to convince or to persuade). And the word über (above)  is used here in the sense of more power. Do I need to tell you that this is not always based on better arguments others than blackmailing with money or oppressions? Ask yourself who are the ones who want to make men in their image. You better think twice about this statement and those who claim that the Bible is the word of God (likewise all the Ayatollahs who claim that the Koran is the word of Allah).

Pretty special no one realized until recently that the God of the Bible was talking to someone and that realisation led to all kind of speculations. The word speculation is by the way just another word for theory. Theories are a set of ideas how things could be. If they can be proven by manifestation they get facts. So there is nothing wrong with speculations, they are in fact the starting point. Without plans based on our speculations or ideas how things would be or should be, we simply do not get into any kind of creative movement. We cannot produce anything but probably only hunt (even badly without self created weapons), collect or rob. So the ability to create things makes us into what we usually call human beings; a status of beingness which made us different from animals. If we were acting as animals we would probably go extinct because we would be frozen to death without a fur or would be unable to stand a fight with beings like lions, bears and so fort. We have lots of genetic markers, which do not really let us appear as Earthlings at all. And so we got now into the Age of Aliens and somehow homeless, if Earth should not be the origin of us. Well, I do not think that this is a good conclusion at this point of ourstories (and as long as we do not have access to the records stored in the catacombs of the Vatican). Homelessness does not feel well. So we should leave such speculations not to be from Earth out of our debates or if we like to speculate in that way to clearly put that into a realm which does not suddenly appear as reality. We simply do not know this so far. It could also well be that the climate on Earth had been much warmer and probably there had also been more oxygen available.

So, I stick with my mother Earth and look at her as the one who put me here as her offspring. I do not deal with all the Aliens, if they are called Pleiadeans or Reptilians or elsewise. Aliens are having high seasons these days and it seems we get some new ones every day at least in the American virtual life. Not that I would deny their existance at all but as long as they do not ring at my door and tell me: Hello, I am from Mars and would like to eat you, I deal with Earthlings and on top of us with Mother Earth. I really find it hard enough if some human cannibals could love to eat me or my fellow humans. You get what it is meant, do you? I do not like all that Alien Business out there including the Annunaki Story. And so I see myself as Earthling and creation of Mother Earth. I also do not put myself into the speculations, if Mother Earth is a discus, commonly propagated as Flat Earth. I am happy that the times when the Catholic Church felt enlightened to burn off lots of German women as whitches are over. And that had been the times when the Earth were allowed to be a Ball. You see the problem with us human beings is that some of us used to get confused, if they are God themselves (Nephilims). Those are pretty much those who get Satanists, folks who want to create anything better than God. And that brings us back to the definition of "race" as "competition". All those among us human beings who mess with themselves or body parts of themselves are essentially Satanists. commonly disguised as godly religious people: The Jewish people, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhist. But also most of the black tribes in Africa are practicing such mutulations of their or their children bodies. They all practice circumcision, some do that only on the boys like the Jewish people, others also on women. That is pure madness from people who are not willing so far to respect how they got build by God, Allah or Nature and so this is not enforced on them as babies or youngsters.

It does not really matter how we call the creative source of ours. But what matters is, if we mess with our creative abilities in such destructive ways that we go into competition with our creator, even declaring that we would do this "in his name". Get some more insight also here and here. This kind of competition with God creates misery. Our bodies are our temples and we should never ever allow anyone including ourselves to disrespect that temple and that includes Transhumanism,  Cloning, Transgenderism and Feminism, social engineering and geoengineering. We are not Gods nor Goddesses but part of her creation with certain godlike abilities. We should respect our bounderies here on paradize Earth.

But we or some of us messed with our certain godlike abilities also with another kind of practice as mentioned already above, namely with inbreeding. This practice is best known among Jewish people, Muslims, Indeans-Pakistani and more folks and also among the Aristocrats and rich people, who were dominating the white folks far too long.

The main thought among this practice is to keep and also to increase wealth and power among the family (bloodline). The well known problem with this is that it leads to all kind of sicknesses, which get handed down through the generations including severe handicaps and insanity. Mankind is at this point now. The so called Elites have run so completely insane that they now wish us all dead and to create a new version of humans, which shall be more stupid than they are and insane enough to let them also furtheron rule on Earth. And therefore they need what is meanwhile recognized as white genocide. Neither the white pagans nor the white Christians could be brought into all these kind of practices mentioned above and so they could hold on their families, intelligence and sanity even through much of attacks and attemptions. Allthough Christianity got enforced on the white folks, still they kept their pagan (meaning natural) ways of life and this includes romantical feelings, meaning natural attraction towards a member of the other gender. We can clearly differentiate this from all the other races allthough there had of course also been some kind of enforced marriages par example among farmer families. But yet they were usually not done by incest. If so religion and rape was used. Even arranged marriages within farmer families had not been that strict and did not end up like in Romeo & Julia ( a story among the Elites in Venedig) but more often in freedom declarations by run-aways-couples from families who were after their children to get them married as they pleased.

But things changed with the sneaky introduction of Free Love, Pornography and Feminism. This could succeed to a pretty severe point by the use of mindcontrol techniques especially by the use of TV. The insane Elites are now pushing all the species into our lands and societies and are even blaming us for their problem; they are really propagating such nonsense that we would suffer under inbreeding. They should know better that they are projecting their problem on us. Well, we will see how things will turn out: I do not think that the white Genocide by outbreeding and raping unasked Genes into us will succeed. // to be followed by part 07

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