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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Let us reason a bit about races and racism, part 08

I had established races as probably even of different species but for certain as different in many ways concerning the Temple (body). This alone demands different treatments as it is simply a fact or common sense that different bodies require different care. To make this easy to understand: many white people cannot really handle the heat of Africa or India or other hot areas. It makes them feel uncomfortable and sweating through their hairs. In some areas of Africa the heat is even such boiling because of the plenty of water in many African regions (yes I know you were told otherwise but Africa is indeed the continent of water, so to speak). So it appears that the heat can cause the heart of a white person to pump too much. Vice versa black people would have tuff times in especially cold regions. Of course this is not valid for each and everyone, some do very well after a good while of adaptation (they take about 3 years to be completed) to the climate. Still the bodies of white people and of black people remain different. Black people par example often loose their natural skin fat and fight tuff times with dry skin in cold areasSo we can compare this with the hardware of Computers: they do not get different because we wish them to be all equal. And therefore we act racial according to our "hardware".

Well, between the recognition of differences and the creation of competion and superiority are some worlds, aren`t they? So, the differences between races and also the natural occurences of distance to people we do not know, can easily be misused to fuel hatred, slavery and wars but especially if they get boiled even by "more fire" with Religions and the competitions of God-s. Things, if carefully designed as this had been the case through the secret societies, can be turnt into hell on Earth and the blame will be put finally on Satan or God: either way is possible. If God were good he would not allow such thing to happen is the version of Atheist while the Christians blame the Reptile and till they can catch the Reptile the Muslims can be blamed or vice verca. That is also good to base some pretty profitable wars on it. Parallel we also face the opposite of racism namely anti-racism like performed in these days in all white countries. And it functions so far well as the underlying legitimation to flood all White Men countries with masses of Non-White people and especially with Muslims. They  bomb them out of their countries and flood the survivors to Europe or America ...where the war on terror can be continued. Who wins in this? Well, hopefully all the normal people from all the races ...if they understand the "game" they can stop it. 

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