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Monday, 20 March 2017

Let us reason a bit about races and racism, part 7

When we talk about races and racism, we should understand, that there is a difference between acting racial and acting as a racists.

Acting racial means to act in care and interest on once own people; we could also speak of a form of extended tribalism because one tribe can include various leaves of their tree. So in fact all of them are so to speak like one forest. We can have groups of folks here and there but still they are from one tree of life, who also can reunite if this is of mutual win. So tribalism recognizes mother&father, the family, the village but not the Global Village. The Global Village is another word for the jewish concept of communism for the Gentiles because colonialism does not sound such well any longer. Colonialism also acts racial but includes another drive: it wishes to exploit, dominate or exterminate other tribes. No balance between the various tribes on Earth is intended within such kind of racial acts in the interest of one race.

Meanwhile some call the problem the 1% against all the rest. And many of course still guess around if all roads lead to Rome or to Jerusalem, well I would suggest the roads lead next to Astana, the Capital of Kasachstan .... unless they don`t, because reasoning for freedom comes towards fanatic stories of so called God-s: "let us make men in our image" (Gen. 1:26). The Chosen Ones, who love to hide behind the curtains might be stopped in time by probably a more appropriate voice who most of you would have learnt to call barbaric or the voice of heathens. I was searching and searching a long time who really were and still are the Romans? Well, finally I find over other sources which led me to the Hyksos, who got outlawed by the Egypteans, the following Interview, which connected my suspicions indeed my conclusion and what we now call IS-RA-HELL.

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