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Monday, 27 March 2017

Paganism, Heathenism and the Religions, part 01

When you might try to bring some kind of order into history, you might just fail when you try to find out who the Romans actual were. Well, let us look on this map. So, they were invadors, were they not? Did they invade uninhabited land? Well, this is what is usually the overtune, if mainstream historians talk about the Romans. Things sound simular to the discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus. There were no people ...well no real people, just a bunch of barbarians or savages who lateron got the honorable titles of pagans or heathens. Well, the history-tellers could not hide it all and so we find that the Romans were just a bunch of savages who could not do anything of value but had to rob things. But that had been nothing but good for the lost ones because they were apparently bloodsucking people, who were loving not only human sacrifice. This guy cannot really get rid of the greek and phoenicean stories as the wonderbringers of everything to Europe but he cannot deny his findings.

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