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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Paganism, Heathenism and the Religions, part 02

As pointed out in the introduction you will barely find any common historical source which would not hail the Roman Empire as somehow superior over the human sacrificing barbareans which they civilized. So you are forced to filter these statements out of the documentations to get some bits and peaces, what the Romans could really have civilized. What does civilisation even mean? Well it seems as there had been forces put in place over the Barbareans, probably foreigners or strangers, inhabitants of another land. So civilisation means indeed domestication and that includes slavery. And that it is written about the Ancient Romans and the Ancient Greeks, those societies which apparently are the base of European culture. They are not the base, the barbareans were and still are the base of European culture. Barbarism is the genuine way of our beingness; in the contrary civilisation must be called degeneracy. But even civilized societies could not survive without a certain degree of allowed barbarism. A dog still needs to run in the forest, at least from time to time. His "owner" would loose him otherwise soon due to depression. We all know this running through our venes: we would rather die than to accept total enslavement. That is by the way the reason why the special trip of insanity which is going on by the name NWO will fail. Degeneracy is doomed to fail and will simply rotten away.

This also declares us how the term noble, which used to refer to people with excellent skills and deeds which they gave to their clans, degenerated into the association with the One-Percent, who are so filled with shame, that they cannot show up without bodyguards - if they even show up.

It seems to me as if the noble ones, a word which sounds somehow like the chosen ones, were coming from Parthia as part of today Iran, if not from India, which we know till these days as a society with strong differentiations between classes. ( I will follow this up in another post)

On this map you can see that Europe was nearly fully Barbarean and that meant they were not under foreign jurisdiction of any kind except the people in the Roman Republic. The Roman Republic had succeeded the former and probably barbarean Roman Kingdom and extended their territorium as a society based on slavery. Together with the Ancient Greek society they usually get referred to as the founder of European Civilisation.
People of these degenerated days equalize the words civilisation and culture (also community) and therefore they put all pre-Roman-Empire cultures into the caves of Europe, which they associate as houses of apes (see my serie about the Neanderthals) .

This is the biggest mistake they can do but it is of course the outcome of the constant (educational) propaganda. You heard already in the video that apparantly nothing about previous cultures could be found, people could not even read and what have you .....blablabla. But impressed by much of wars and slavery they advanced quickly, or what? So fast, that they even approached the dark ages or middle ages in which thinking by ones own got sometimes more sometimes less forbidden depending from the current emperors.

Especially the Pope by the interesting name Innocent and his slaughter-group loved to torment and burn the wisdom out of European women. In this book in German language one can find, reading between the Freemason lines, the whole story of horrific wisdom-transfer, which is also known as inquisition. Some Christians will have you believe that this was meant for them; well it had not been meant for them (unless they wished to establish a concurrenting order by using the same scheme of mindcontrol). The inquisition was meant for the Barbareans and their shamans,  druids if you so will (called as such mainly on the Islands and in today France, in the other areas their names are unknown, such bloody christian things had been.)

Since the so accused witches (wisdom holders) got tortured and killed en masse the European renaissance appeared out of nowhere ....Noop, not really: when they had tortured the wisdom out of the sha-wo-man the "manly" members of the lodges knew how to "help" women to give birth and also how to make chemical garbage out of Mother Natures gifts which they now throw worldwide onto everybodies head but especially in the white peoples countries.

Since these eco-terror-times we are of course back to the dark ages. Are we really back or did things never stop? Well, they seem to grow and also look alike. Why should they not. They follow the same s-tory. That brings us to our-story back then before we got christianized and also islamized in Europe, when we did not follow the Abrakadabra Stories but our stories of the Creation.

In former times it had been pratize by Imperial forces to crack down as much as evidences about former cultures as they found necessary or could get hands on ....That practize is still Agenda. Books with too much of hints beyond the current matrix left already long time ago their authors and people who inherited them honourably.

It is not for nothing that it is said, that the victors write history ...and you better get aware about that little pronoun "his" ...meaning a special conquerer and his slaughter-group. In the United Kingdom we still find them organized among the Tories, the political party of the Lords......those who run the show. The word tory means originally plunderer. Isn`it interesting?

Of course meanwhile they are playing their bad and good boy games (Hegelean Dialectik) in the houses of parliament and present aside the Lord Gods also those who play the representatives of the workers. This method works pretty well in order to devide and conquer a people about things of no essential meaning while they will then get slaughtered easily all together: first those with stripes and then those without stripes on their clothes.

Please keep in mind for all following posts: always filter statements out, in which you get to hear that certain achievements came from elsewhere than Europe itself. There is usual no evidence for it. I showed you already in the former post which kind of huge megalithic buildings existed in Europe. Here you find a video from another one who opposes the his-tory of the Romans as bringers of "civilisation". Learn something here about King Arthur who came long time before the Jewish  Ben Hur came out of Hollywood.

Now let us have a look at a somehow ridiculeous sounding video, which would give us a pretty different look at the term dark ages. Well, lately German people also get to endure the story that the Turkish people had been rebuilding Germany after WWII. But, what do we do with Othello? Or Hannibal, who tried his luck in the Alps with Elefants? Well, he seem to have been of Jewish or semitic (arabic) descent according to his god baal. So the term dark might not be that far fetched to describe those times which the European barbarean tribes endured through oriental and african invasion.

Before finding things ridiculous we should remember: European religion had nothing to do with any of the Northafrican-Middle-Eastern Religions away from astrology which Europeans had to know and knew by them own. European "Religion" was pagan and it will remain pagan allthough of the newest oriental attempt to bring us Islam.

My thesis is indeed that it had been the "culture" of foreign forces, who brought with them along the so called dark ages.

In the age of another destruction of knowledge Youtube also took down a pretty well study about pre-roman culture in Europe. I could not find those videos (4) back, not even in their shortened and restricted forms. So I have to report from my rememberings. The documentation which I am talking about stated, that they have found not only a non-hierarchical culture in each of the tribes but also a peaceful way of them to communicate with each other and to exchange their various goods. They even had a pretty sophisticated traffic system by the use of strong pieces of wood which were connected one by one. On the other hand they were using the rivers and that meant they could build sophisticated ships. And they also had a calendar on a megalithic stone, which could count things out like a computer. If I find this thing back somewhere in the Internet, I will show you.

All this predated the Roman Empire, which grew into that horiffic system of periodically wars, horrific exploitation (tributes to be payed, today called taxes) and slavery. Something had happened which contradicts the European people`s mindset, which included both: individualism and togetherness as two side of one thing not as contradictions (either this or that).

Nowhere on Earth can you find this kind of Individualism (appreciation of indivual skills and freedom) which is - at least was- embedded as a strength in familiar and tribal togetherness. Nowhere on Earth one can also find such great respect for women and men and their partnership. By the way partnerships between the genders had been based on monogamy and not on the use of women like domesticated animals. These things might be Etruscian; they might be part of the Roman Empire and they might be part of the Greek Emprie but those Cultures were not indigenous cultures of indigenous European people but degenerations from elsewhere. How can I know? I am of European origin and nothing different is written into my DNA than I am telling you here. Allthough of all the zionistic palaver in Mainstream Media and public education, Europe can still be seen as a culture based on monogamy, honesty, faith and respect of oral "contracts" (promise) and skills and freedom of choice to do this or that as long as no one gets harmed.

But what we are finding here in Europe is an overlapping system, which claims to be superior as well as being the origin of European culture. Well it is: in the use of terror and violance, in the use of lies and the spreading of stupidity till people fall into depression or other kind of diseases which got embedded in the governmental (foreign) system. When this superior culture again had put Germany into total destruction, diseases and mass genocide, the surviving women, whilst their men were either dead or still in concentrationcamps between Russia, Poland and the arrangements of the Western Allies, built Germany up again: together, beautiful and fast. The destructive forces of course try to teach the Turkish migrants that they had been building Germany up. We find the same narrative like the so called Roman and Greek origin of Europe. It is bullshit.

You should get rid of the idea that the Christianisation of the Europeans had ever been something what had been appreciated in Europe and by that I mean especially the Americans who are drunken from Christianity as if they have forgotten from where they were coming. European people were dying not only under Caesars Swords but also under Jesus Sword. 

Let us read in the Christian Bible, apparently the word of God, which nevertheless needed the Authorization of King James. One would wonder how God would need any kind of authorization by a man, especially just an English man, no Son of God or something like that. Ups, when we digg deeper into this, we find out that King James originally was not King James but the scottish King Jakob VI, who only lateron also got King Jakob I from England. If you ask me he looks more like a lady than like a king; could well be that transgenderism is a much older practize than we are finding out in these days as an perverted agenda which they are introducing by enforced "sexual education" for even small children. Meanwhile we also learn by the scottish Primeminister that traditions did not go away, at least not among the Elites. But this was not our topic (yet) but some sidenotes must be allowed. Remember this song? Well King Jakob also functioned as Monk all over in Europe, while he was comfortably sleeping the children had to work. We are learning every day to connect the dots, don`t we? 

Now let us check the word author in the helpful ONLINE ETYMOLOGY DICTIONAIRE. Let us also check the word authority and authorization. Well, you might argue that Master Jakob only ordered that the hebrew Bible which was written in Hebrew, got translated into English and that King James VI and I alias Master Jakob only authorized that translation. One must wonder if Master Jakob could actually speak Hebrew? Or how he could authorize the translation as being a true translation? Well, Master Jakob put more trust into the Archbishop of Canterburry. St. Jerome again, who had obviously something to do with a human skull and who was hanging out in the Syrian desert like his Islamic Brethren Mohammed was the overseer of the translation into Latin. That language which no European spoke but doctors. Well, if you digg into the topic of the translation of the dead sea scrolls you do not only find out that many people where the authors of the Bible but also that things apparantly were done near the dead sea. And that dead sea looks like this and had become a major health centre and centre of health research. Well it might have always been such place. Also other things were found in the area. Where you find crowns and things you also find dead people, not so? We know, that the ancient people put all kind of things aside their leaving people for their journey in the other world. But let us leave this topic for the moment aside. It might only be said: small people build small houses. Only bigger people build greater buildings. Does that make more sense than the story that a bunch of crazy ones went into the desert just to build in the fully heat some pyramids? Ever wondered why the jewish folks are such obsessed with Palestine? That piece of a desert? They were actually offered other places like Odessa or Madagascar. Well apparantly them people had not yet learned how to be multicultural. If it was on me I would have accepted that offer to settle my people in Madagskar. I am a member of the so called white supremacists, well indeed quiet a simple person who loves nature, who is usually near to "E" (meaning out of money) but okay with what Nature serves allthough of the usual bull-shit of so called Elites. You might have noticed that it does not enter in many non-white-peoples head, that most of the white people, at least in Europe and Russia are poor.

If you search under Madagascar plan for jewish relocation, you will find the funny story that survival would not have been possible on Madagascar for 6 Million people but would have meant their final solution otherwise known as their collective death. Well at that time there were only 2 Million indigenous people on the Island, now they are 24 Million and the island seems still not to be overcrowded. And somehow those people could survive. Must have been a miracle of a kind. The same time we got told over and over again that there had only been a desert in Israel....

Well let us stop at this point and find out what the original cross had meant before it got oriental and religious.

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