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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Let us reason a bit about races and racism, part 1

Sometimes the definitions of words brings clearity along, meaning more facts than opinions. I prefer facts over opinions, especially in these crazy days, when sheer everyone is pulling out all kind of opinions but escpecially when the facts are talking too loud. In such cases you can easily get attacked with the phrase: "but it is my opinion". This simply means: "I am out of facts" or "I cannot refute those facts (you mentioned) and so I will shut you down with my opinion." 

And they, who talk like that, mean it. See here what the word opinion actually means. It is a choice of someone, what would not be a problem in itself but is also used in a reasoning or debate as mentioned before; so it can also include, that the person does not mind facts, if they could shine some light on that persons intentions. 

An honest -also for others well meaning- person does not attack you with his or her "opinions". In all my life I never ever experienced someone clean hearded referring to his or her "opinion", when facts were presented; never, not even a single time within 60 years. 

People, who stated their opinion (But it is my opinion!!!), did I only experience, when they needed to shut down the presentation and debate of facts. So, I wonder why we got the constitutional right to declare our opinions. I would rather prefer people to shut their mouth, if they do not have anything to say, what it is based on facts. Such people are usually at least pretty dumb or lazy; well, laziness and stupidity belong to each other. So we do not really talk about something like a democratic process or what it is commonly associated with the word "democracy", when we talk about the right to speak our opinions (let us spare out the genesis and definition of "democracy" in this post, or things will get endless).

Lately we could all see such demonstrations of factless opinions in their final stage in the US (Source of the picture). Please also spare me out of that mindless and factless "debate", if the orange masque wearing president is worse than the black masque wearing president, who both follow the same master; next to Iran and always in the name of ISRAEL. In the US those "presidents" can tell the people the same Agenda without even changing a bit of the main words; it doesn`t matter. It is part of their meaningless elections to have big ballaballa shows over the period of 1,5 years, when the flag will be skaken and America is super will be used as a Mantra. By the time Obomber got hailed, the Mantra had been: Yes, we can! WOW, I bow down to such kind of intelligence: America is super this time again versus Yes, we can. This last time even the best comedy show could not compete with that kind of "ballaballa" based on nothing than that the (transgender) show must go on. 

Any robot can speak out opinions which are not based on facts nor on care for the wellness of the concernced people. So, such opinions usually also do not concern our beloved enemies (Elites or however you want to label them, who love to hide themselves). Indeed the opposite is the case: those beloved enemies love it, if most people  just talk "opinions" based on nothing sometimes not even on a specific intention than the one to bloek like a sheep.  Nevertheless and because I am going to touch the holy words race and racism, I better make my legal statement, that I am expressing my considerations and my opinions. Concerning certain feelings like "being offended" please watch this.

What is a race? In many dictionaries you will find slightly different meanings for the term:
1. "a strong current of water"
2. "run in competition against"
3. "people of common descent"

In the LEO-Translator you find a much longer list of meanings. But essentially you find also there the main characteristics of the term, that x is fluent and can occur in competition to another x and that races refer to generations, meaning tribes with a timeline which includes past, present and future. So far, nothing that complicate to understand, till it comes to the so called human species. 

The term Species is defined as follows:

"Species, in biology, classification comprising related organisms that share common characteristics and are capable of interbreeding."

But as nearer we enter into the NEW WORLD ORDER biology seems to disappear, at least for the human species. And so we get declared by the Encyclopaedia Brittannica, that science had it all wrong so far and that genetic studies would refute the concept of races; they were all a kind of made up (social constructs) beginning in the 15th centuries. WOW. They even declare us in that article that that concept never existed at all ... only in that period from the 15th century till lately. So now, I guess, we are correcting mankinds mistakes. Not only do we declare the genders as social constructs but also the races. They simply do not exist! We came all out of Africa where Lucy bred us into existance (In the Bible of course we get more the straight transgender version: we were made from Adams rips).

Allthough we had not been such much of people in those first Homo Sapien days in Africa some of our ancestors got the silly idea to move into such regions like Siberia. They did not fly, they did not drive, they went there and to many other places. That is the current still running Out-of-Africa-Belief, sorry ...I wanted to say science. The problem now is: Where -par example- do we put Neanderthal? Somehow he got into our genes before he died out some 30.000 years ago. Ups, noop - this is also not anymore true. They died out earlier, about 60.000 years ago. But the problem remained anyway: why did they die out? The scientist did not want to tell us such a story that Homo Sapien Sapien would have genocided them, so they tell us that this was physically not possible. With other words we- the Homo Sapien Sapiens- were weaker than the Neanderthalers. They had not only bigger brains but also stronger bones. See that here on the left side you see homo sapien sapiens. Don`t you think - the Neanderthals must have also been better adapted to the European region than the Newcomers from sunny Africa? 

For that very question the storytellers came up with the idea that the brains of the Newcomers from Africa had been smaller but more clever. How did they get that story together? Please study the already linked article once again so that you get a proper idea about science. They are really telling us, that Neanderthals had to focus too much on getting some light through dark Europe for what they needed to grow big eyes. And those eyes would have taken too much of braincapacities away. So, now we got it: The obvious bigger brain of the Neanderthals needed to be made somehow smaller so that Homo Sapien Sapiens could appear more clever. Is that science, racism or just well paid stupidity? Read ....

"By contrast, modern humans, from sunny Africa, had no need for this adaptation and instead they evolved frontal loves, which are associated with high-level processing. ´More of the Neanderthal brain appears to have been dedicated to vision and body control, leaving less brain to deal with other functions like social networking," Pearce told BBC News."

Well, these storytellers forgot to tell us how the Sunny Boys from Lucy in Africa, who did not evolve big shining eyes nor strong Neanderthal bodies, could then cut themselves through the dark forrests of Europe ...let alone that Facebook and other Social Medias had not yet been installed those days. The story reminds me on the story Cancler Merkel is promoting these days: All the non-European Sunny-Boys, who are coming these days to Europe are well educated specialized stuff. Could well be, that we get the fresh Neanderthals here in Europe and the Sunny-Boys from everywhere else get Homo Sapien Sapien Sapiens least the outcome of their seeds. So please World let it be known, that no one in 30.-60.000 years need to ask what had happened to us; please make notes and preserve them well for Homo Sapien Sapien Sapiens.

"Our leaders had had pretty small brains but therefore huge pockets. They would take and do everything to remain rich and get richer. So they let other people into our areas. They wanted them to kill us, so that they could take everything we sweat for. Some of those invaders were yellow, others were light-brown and others again were dark brown. And they were many. There had not been enough space for them and us and so they first raped us and then killed us and then each other because they did not know how to enlighten our forrests". Edited by Neanderthals 2.

After this little praxis education in the topic of race and racism let us get back to the theory. We have already learnt that

"Species (are), in biology, classification comprising related organisms that share common characteristics and are capable of interbreeding." We now must also understand that interbreeding can happen by consent or ...

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