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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Shapeshifting Reptile or just a Transgender?

By now you will of course know about the shapeshifting Reptilean theory relatively freshly presented by David Icke, which of course got  presented already in the Abrakadabra Religions, how I used to call them from time to time. Well in those religions you find Demons and you find Djinns and you find the Reptile which loves to tell Eve that it is well to eat from the Tree of Knowledge ....and that knowing something should have brought along the downfall of mankind. Okay, who wonna believe that we shall not use our brain in order to gain knowledge, obviously believes that the Creator gave us a brain for nothing. I can`t help those people, really not. They are as "gone" for me like all those, who are cutting genitals - own and other peoples genitals like even those of own children. Some kind of mindparasite must have biten them but no Reptile. 

Though I do not deny the existance of beings who are dwelling in other dimensions; I am denying so far (meaning until proven otherwise) that they would be able to shapeshift their bodies so that they can live in their own as well as in our dimension. 

But things do get a surprizing shapeshifting turn when you suddenly get aware, that you were actually looking at men when you were made thinking they were women. So, please have a look at my famous Transgender-Man ..... The show is great, not so? The whole house is filled with Trannies and Homosexuals and what have you. Cher does not even make a secret out of it (anymore).... while also giving his Baphomet-Sign. Really sorry, he would have been a really attractive man but for some reason he were chosen to get castrated and got to suffer the consequences. Wonna see him when he was younger? Here, have a look. Let us move on to his castrato collegue Tina Turner

It is of course my opinion and part of my fluent feelings to perceive Cher and Tina Turner as men, who got turned around into people who are looking somehow like women. So I must probably apologize but how else can I call someone than according to how I perceive him or her or it? I do of course not wish to offend anyone and get all the Cry Out VooHoo Meow which is really extra ordinary in these days in Canada. Have a look: Ready? It is here and also here. Meanwhile the LGBT Community has created something like 40 or more Pronouns according to how someone perceives him or her or whatever self

So I guess this also applies to my perceptions of other people. They changed .... over times. When I was still young I actually thought that those people, who are presented to us in TV as men or women, must have been what they said to be. But many times I got confusions about what I then would be, if Tina Turner is a woman. A man? What do I have to do to get such short hip area, such strong muscular  legs and such huge head on strong shoulders? How much do I have to smoke even more to get such manly voice? Things do not get me fit into the gender I feel to be born in. Things are somehow strange like in Little red riding hoodGrandmother why do you have such big ears? Well folks, you know the answer, do you? Be aware that you or one of your children does not suddenly land in the PizzaGate where some strange folks do not know how to get satisfaction otherwise.

Though I do not promote the Abrakadabra Religions I must overhand you now in order of further investigations to Apostle Laura Lee who has made so far the best transvestigation videos and explains you all you need to get aware off, so that you can see and do not get fooled any longer. Let us start with the orange President of the US and his special entertainment for us. That little entertainment also gets you clear that all the democratic ballaballa in the US is just a show so that you continue to think there would be significant differences between a black president and an orange president: the next approach is IRAN. And if you are an American you better do not pray for that approach because you will be finished not the Iraneans who could well be at the top of the food chain. ISRAEL is just a project and somewhere the Pharaohs must hide who tell the chosen ones what to put in the holy books. So now start your transvestigations, learn first on Russsell Brand and go through Apostle Laura Lees channel. She shows you a lot more. Another one Channel which is showing you things straight into your face you find here and here. Now let us learn about discrimination here. Finally let us get back to my current famous Transgender Men Cher.

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